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Pragmatic’s customer, HydroTerra is a well known team of technical expertise and specialises in the implementation of custom environmental monitoring solutions. Pragmatic’s Odoo solutions were selected by the customer for managing entire sales cycle and workflow process through single channel.

Pragmatic, a leading provider of Odoo solutions, today announced that a well known environmental monitoring company known implementation of custom environmental monitoring solutions has selected Pragmatic to implement an Odoo solution for managing their sales cycle along with the timesheet management including the calculations of their billable & non-billable hours.

“As per the client's requirement, we have integrated Odoo an ERP business suite to support their regular business activities and for sales cycle management instead of using additional one,” said Mr. Shabbir Merchant, President and Co-founder of Pragmatic.

Pragmatic has developed an open ERP in Agile methodology with Scrum framework. Apart from the cost effectiveness of the solutions, the key differentiator why Pragmatic was chosen is the solution’s flexibility to be customized as per the requirements. The Pragmatic Technology implementation approach is robust and proven. Taking care to client expectations during the whole project, this approach provides delivery on time and helps to mitigate risks and integration challenges.

About Pragmatic

Pragmatic is a dynamic and fast growing company committed towards creating value for our customers. Located in Pune, India the educational and IT hub of western India, we take pride in delivering rapid, customized open source enterprise applications following agile and lean software methods. Whether you are developing an application from scratch, working on an existing application or porting your application to a new platform or framework, we can meet your business needs.

Pragmatic focus on making technology work for our clients by delivering quality offshore and outsourcing solutions which reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT development and operations. We develop a business solution that is not only functional, but shows a return on their investment almost immediately to our clients.

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