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Data migrations are used to change the data stored in your database to match a new schema, or feature.

Data Migration


  • Determine current storage enviroment
  • Determine methodolgy and tools
  • Create migration architecture
  • Develop test plan


  • Install and configure tools
  • Run pre validation test
  • Perform migration
  • Verify migration completion


  • Run post validation test
  • Perform knowledge transfer
  • Conduct migration close out meeting


Client Says

" Pragtech did an excellent job of providing research support for populating our applied systems web development wiki."

Daniel Cer

Applied Stacks

I have really enjoyed working with pragmatic. The team stayed organized and followed through with things. We were able to merge the pragmatic team with our own development team in a pretty effective way. I plan on using Pragmatic again on future projects.

David Richards

Fleet Ventures

We are very pleased with the way Pragmatic did the work on the edu2be and learning content management system using Ruby on Rails technology. They put in lot of hard work to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Anjan Acharya