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Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models.


The inherent capabilities of Big Data and its uses can transform the working of an enterprise. If the power is harnessed correctly it can create game changing insights and even more effective ways of doing business. Relevant aspects related to business that have implications related to profitability in operations can be answered using the power of Hadoop.

  • How you design and deliver your products to the market
  • How your customers find and interact with you
  • Your competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Procedures you can put to work to boost the bottom line

On a technical level, Hadoop is a comprehensive software platform that executes distributed data processing techniques. Hadoop basically has four areas associated with it in providing actionable business data.

  • Storage, principally employing the Hadoop File System (HDFS)
  • Resource management and scheduling for computational tasks
  • Distributed processing programming model based on MapReduce
  • Common utilities and software libraries necessary for the entire Hadoop platform

Rather than viewing Hadoop as a single, monolithic solution, we at Pragmatic use Hadoop as a platform to build strong data- driven applications for critical business decisions. Hadoop gives you the power to extract insights from an immense unstructured data volume in a context which is not possible with tradition business intelligence or analytics solutions. MapReduce was, and continues to be, a superb strategy for the problem that it was originally designed to solve, how to conduct batch analysis on the massive quantities of data generated by users running searches and visiting web sites. We offer a complete and holistic approach to our clients who wish to take advantage of this strong tool to generate never known insights and result oriented business outcomes. Our services include not only installation but more importantly building an effective methodology to make sense from a huge amount of unstructured data for our clients. Rather than develop a generic service which would fit all we have carefully developed a methodology which helps in developing a strong intelligence led customized platform for you.

IndustryReal World Hadoop Applications
Financial ServicesThis industry offers some very interesting optimization prospects because of the huge amount of data that is generates, its tight processing windows, strict regulatory and reporting requirements and the ever present potential behavior. Hadoop is able to apply distributed processing methodologies that excel in conducting the pattern matching necessary to detect fraud or other nefarious activities. It can incorporate hundreds – or even thousands – of indicators to help improve credit score accuracy while also flagging potential risk situations before they can proceed.
Publishing Analyze user interaction with mobile reading devices to deliver precise search results as well as more meaningful recommendations. Since these data-driven suggestions are accurate, fine-tuned and timely, users are more likely to make additional purchases and be satisfied with what they’ve bought.
HealthcareIt’s well known that the job of designing new pharmaceutical products is both costly and very risky. Employing Hadoop for massive data storage and then applying analytics to process and correlate raw financial, patient, and drug data speeds up drug development, improves patient care, and ultimately reduces total healthcare costs across the system.
RetailLoad and then process massive accounts of information – such as website searches, shopping cart interactions, tailored promotion responses, and inventory management – to gain a better understanding of customer buying trends. Rapidly analyzing all of these data points from separate systems makes it possible for the retailer to tailor its prices and promotions based on actual intelligence, rather than hunches.
AdvertisingOnline Advertising systems produce massive amounts of information in the blink of an eye. For example, there are almost 40,000 ad auctions per second on Google AdWords. Even the slightest improvement in advertisement pricing yields tremendous profitability advancements. But these optimizations are only possible if they’re conducted in real-time by using Hadoop to analyze conversion rates and the cost to serve ads, and then applying this knowledge to drive incremental revenue.


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