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Modules Developed by Pragmatic

some Odoo modules that we have developed and customized.

Modules Developed by Pragmatic

In today’s cut throat environment companies have to value their customer with some quality services. This software will be helpful in enhancing, retaining and acquiring new customer. Pragmatic CRM built within Openerp is more robust than the existing CRM.

Experience the benefits of Vtiger, SugarCRM, Salefroce.com at a fraction of the cost. We have both SAAS as well as hosted solutions. If you are using an integration of Odoo OpenERP and Vtiger or SugarCRM and find the integration difficult to maintain, Pragmatic CRM is for you.

Here are some Odoo OpenERP modules that we have developed and customized.

Requisition Management

  • Comparison sheet for quotes
  • Supplier invoice lines can hit different accounts
  • Approval process
  • Import multiple Purchase orders of same supplier, that are not invoiced or partially invoiced, in invoice lines


  • Specific allowances and deductions
  • Pro-rata calculations of salary
  • End of service treatment
  • Salary audit trial
  • Reconciliation report

Budget–Cost centers

  • Cost centres
  • Budget utilisation reports for cost centres and projects
  • Transfer of budget amount between different budgets
  • Unique budget code, combination of cost centre, project, and account. For eg, cost centre = 100, project = 1, and account = 51100 Then budget code = 10015100

Asset Management

  • Asset Category with all account descriptions
  • SLM method
  • Depreciation reports
  • Depriciation forecast reports

Project Cost Accounting - Generic

  • Civil projects
  • Assign products to tasks
  • Product movement based on project location
  • Takes into account resource cost
  • Project cost accounting
  • Invoice takes task and products consumed till date

Jasper Server Module

  • Integrates Odoo OpenERP with Jasper server
  • Open reports on jasper server
  • Multi format reports like pdf, xls, doc etc
  • Pixel perfect reports
  • Ireport designer

Lease Management

  • Cutomize the Product form
  • Cutomize the Partner form
  • Include Lease Management
  • Reports Provided(Dealer Jacket):- 1.Input Sheet 2.Odometer Disclosure 3.Check List 4.Insurance 5.LTO 6.Maintenance 7.Payment 8.Prom Note 9.Lease Agreement

Collection Management

  • Collection of Lease
  • Delinquent Lease
  • Follow up of Lease
  • Report Provided.
  • Collection Receipt

Financial Reporting US

  • Reports Provided(Dealer Jacket): 1.Input Sheet 2.Odometer Disclosure 3.Check List 4.Insurance 5.LTO 6.Maintenance 7.Payment 8.Prom Note 9.Lease Agreement 10.Collection Receipt
  • US chart of Accounts

Partner Discount (Gold ,Silver levels)

  • Purchase Reprot
  • Sales Report
  • Multicurrency conversion in invoice form
  • This module add a boolean and Support Cost (which is 20% of Unit price of product in product line)
  • Field in Sale order form which is help to decide to add support cost on unit price to existing product in product line through service product

MRP Planning Improved

  • This module allows user to set how a work center hours and cycles are calculated in a routing
  • Fixed Hours/Cycles
  • Depends on No of Ingredients Hours/Cycles
  • Depends on Qty of Ingredients Hours/Cycles
  • Depends on Qty of Production Hours/Cycles

Quality Control

  • This module moves all incoming stock to a quarantine stock where it will remain until a quality check is reported as done
  • Quality Check
  • Quarantine Stock display in List View
  • Special work flow stage for client only : creates quarantine for inward products

Credit Control

  • Allows credit control, raise exception when create invoice for the partner whose credit limit is low
  • Fixed Hours/Cycles

UPS Shipping Integration

  • Allow to create UPS shipment record from Odoo OpenERP
  • Fetch Shipping Rates and billed quantity from UPS
  • Fetch Shipping Label from UPS
  • Allow to create shipment from stock management or separately

Contract Management

  • Handles contract details between Customer and supplier
  • Maintain attached document

Purchase - Sales forecasting

  • The Purchase Plan is used to forecast the Purchase for the next month
  • In Purchase Plan ,forecasting is on the basis of previous sale
  • After approved the plan the purchase order purchase order is created

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

  • Auto Bank Reconciliation process : Automated the bank reconciliation process. Module accept the receipt data and the bank CSV from user and it matches the data on the basis of this bank reconciliation record is created

Google Map Integration

  • Country wise turnover display
  • Customer and Investor display on map with its information and turnover
  • Shows most frequent delivery routes
  • Shipping Tracker form holds the shipping related dates and invoice related invoices and differentiate the invoice on FOB ,CNF or CIF based on insurance and freight fields

Real time Currency Exchange Integration

  • Import exchange rates from three different sources on the internet 1) Admin.ch 2) European Central Bank (ported by Grzegorz Grzelak) 3) Google Finance !!! TO be ported 4) Yahoo Finance 5) Polish National Bank (Narodowy Bank Polski).The update can be set under the company form
  • You can set for each services witch currency you want to update
  • The log of the update are visible under the service note
  • You can active or deactivate the update
  • The module uses internal ir_cron feature from Odoo OpenERP, so the job is launched
  • Once the server starts if the 'first execute date' is before the current day