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Odoo Paediatric Clinic Management

This module supports all paediatrician clinic activities, from the registration of patients, doctors, assistants and vendors to medical appointments, agenda, medical consultation, consultation paper´s templates, lab exams control and with some special functionalities in regards to the children growth benchmark from WHO (World Health Organization) and vaccination management.

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Paediatric Clinic Management System

Our Clinic Management System is a product that coordinates and integrates all the inherent activities involved in the management and running of a clinic.

With our Paediatric Clinic Management, you can choose to do registration for-

Patients, Families, Doctors, Employees, Vendors and Companies

New set of information for Patient:-

  • Newborn
  • Date of born
  • Time of born
  • Local (Contact company = Hospital, clinic, etc)
  • Genre (Female or Male)
  • Blood Type (A-, A+, B-, B+, AB-, AB+, O+ or O-)
  • Weight (kg) – Born date
  • Height (in or cm) – Born date


  • Weight (kg) – Left the hospital date
  • Height (in or cm) – Left the hospital date
  • Head circumference diameter (in or cm)
  • Foot test result table
  • Umbilical cord information
  • Obstetrician responsible for childbirth
  • Pediatrician responsible for childbirth
  • Special observations of the born process

Medical Consultation

It is associated with the Medial Appointment (Doctor, Patient, Specialty, Office)

Sections of the consultancy:

  • Reason
  • Diagnosis
  • Prescription
  • Vaccination
  • Growth

In Reason:

  • A reason for consultation or Symptom field exist to allow the doctor to describe what the patient was feeling.

In Diagnosis:

  • A free multiline text Observation field is given to personalize the consult.
  • Doctor can select the printing diagnosis template (i.e.: blood exam request or x-ray, etc) to be delivered to the patient

In prescription:

  • One or more prescriptions can be created per diagnosis
  • Doctor will select the printing prescription template to be delivered to the patient

In growth section:

  • Doctor can register the current weight, height and head circumference diameter of the child.

In vaccination:

  • Doctor can select from vaccines table.
  • Doctor can describe the phase of the Vaccine
  • Doctor can describe the applied dosage
  • Doctor can describe if there was any reaction in an Observation.

Pediatrics Growth Charts

Pragmatic has developed module for Pediatricians to compare growth of a kid with the standard growth chart. Growth charts consist of a series of percentile curves that illustrate the distribution of selected body measurements in children. This feature can be used by pediatricians, nurses, and parents to track the growth of infants and children.

Defining Growth Chart in System

  1. 1) First you have to create standard growth chart for boys and girls as per standards.
  2. 2) Select either Boys or Girls Growth Chart on the left hand side as shown in below picture and click on Create button.

  1. 3) You can create standard graph from this option. Fill the details of age, height, weight, head circumference to create standard graph.

  1. 4) You can fill the data from WHO standards as shown below.

  1. 5) Now your standard chart is ready.
  2. 6) For every appointment of that patient, doctor will note the details of Weight, Height, Head circumference and BMI as per reading and feed into the system.

  1. 7) Doctor can see the history of all the appointments and details of the same in patient form as shown below:

  1. 8) To see the growth chart of the patient. Select Patient and click on ‘Show chart’ button as shown below:

  1. 9) Growth chart will open with all the details of patient actual data recorded during the appointment. This chart will help pediatrics to evaluate the progress made by child.
  2. 10) In growth chart you can see the comparison between standard and actual data. Standard data is the data you specified in the standard growth chart and actual data is the data filled during the patient’s appointments.

Features of Paediatric Clinic Management System

1. Streamlined Workflows and Processes

Paediatric clinic management software offers a standardized system for maintaining peak performance – minimizing errors and redundancies to help staff operate smoothly and efficiently and reduce patient wait times.

2. Improved Practice Organization Allowing Focus on Quality Patient Care

By systematically organizing medical practices, practice management systems allow providers to focus on quality care rather than burdensome, administrative tasks.

3. Enhanced Automation Leading to Increase in Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability

Paediatric clinic software better leverages staff time by automating standard tasks. For example, it is often capable of automatically sending appointment reminders and maintaining sufficient supply inventories, which are triggered to automatically reorder when inventory is low.

4. Improved Billing Processes Leading to Faster Reimbursement

Paediatric clinic software can produce and send electronic bills and an e-commerce component allows providers to collect payments online.

5. Enhanced Documentation and Fewer Errors

Enhanced documentation is a key benefit of paediatric management software, as the technology provides a standardized system that effectively reduces errors compared to hand-written notes.

6. Advanced, Hassle-Free Scheduling

Intuitive scheduling and calendar tools in the paediatric management software, allow medical personnel to input appointments and make calendar adjustments without fear of double-booking or scheduling during a time slot when a given provider is otherwise unavailable.