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Think GREEN!

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Why Color of Open Source is Green

If you have looked closely at the logo of the open source foundation (http://www.opensource.org/), you will see it is green in color. It is not a sheer coincidence. Open source software solutions are really green solutions. In this age of conservation using open source software makes a lot of sense and is a step in the direction of going green for any organization.

Why Think Green

Green is ubiquity and in today’s world when hardly anybody is thinking Green it is an initiative by Pragmatic to think Green and think of Open source where optimized saving can be done to fuel growth.

Pragmatic recommends companies to focus on the following so that they can create efficient low-cost operations:-


Pay As Per Customization

You pay for the service built on top of the base open source product and not for the existing open source product.


 Removal of licensing cost

The licensing cost is thrown out of the door. Also there is no vendor lock-in. It also provides a platform for innovations. There has been number of examples of it. Look at WWW which has been an open standard. If this would not have been open we would not have been in the web age.


 Fuel Growth & Innovation

Open source software fosters innovation and also provides cost effective solutions. It also enables interoperability between tools and technologies. If these would not have been open with software code available, creation of bridges and enterprise application integration would be a very uphill task.