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Odoo School Management

Odoo School Management can be used by Schools/Colleges to manage their daily activities

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Manage School with just one click

Odoo School Management helps in managing routine school activities with just one click

Odoo School Management Module which is used by Schools/Colleges to manage there daily activities like, Employees,Students,& parent’s details, Books and Library Records, Admission Process,Assignments,Exams- Results and Reports,Events,Transports, Attendance,Timetable,Fees and Other Reports. It gives one point access to manage these wide ranges of activities effectively and hence enhance efficiency of The overall system.

Features of School Management

Odoo School Management system with its gamut of features makes the everyday school management tasks a breeze

  • Manage Admission Procedure
  • Student Details like contacts,Medical,Academic
  • Teacher/Parents Details
  • Allows Teachers to Create and Assign Assignments to Student
  • Conduct Exams ,Exam Results and Progress/Report Cards of Students
  • Manage Transportation System
  • Manage Various Events in School/Colleges
  • Create Timetable
  • Keep Record of Daily Attendance
  • Generate Reports like Identity Cards,Timetable,Transport Route Details, Event Details etc
  • Manage Fee

Admission Register

Registering new admissions is just a matter of few clicks with the Odoo School Management System


Teachers can upload their assignments onto the Odoo School Management Module easily


Tracking attendance by days, weeks or months can be easily carried out with the help of Odoo School Management Module


Exam schedules can be easily uploaded by the teachers in the Odoo School Management Module


Exam results can be easily uploaded and seen in the Odoo School Management Module

Fees Receipt

Receipt for Fees paid by the students can be generated and downloaded easily with our Odoo School Management System

Time Table

School timetable with the allocated periods, breaks and other schedules can be easily made in our Odoo School Management

Book Issue

Books issued by library, books to be returned, overdue and ordering of new book stock can be done with Odoo School Management System

Transport Information

Information related to school kids, teachers using the school transport facility can be entered into the Odoo School management system