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Odoo Hostel Management

We have developed hostel management module in Odoo.
This module helps to manage New Admission, Admission cancellation, Bed allocation, House-Keeping activity etc. User can configure hostel structure as per his requirement.

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- Amr El-Baz
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Hostel Management

Managing hostel with few clicks

Hostel Management System Is full featured to manage the entire residential facility in the institute. It helps in keeping updated records of Room allocation, Room Transfer, Inventory management, Manage payments, Manage housekeeping and address all key functionalities of hostel administration. The user can configure the Hostel structure as per his requirement. Also configure hostel fees payment to yearly, semester wise, quarterly, monthly, etc. It can generate reports of Hostel admission history, Purchases, Inventory, Accounts, etc. And the best part, It can be customized to meet the tailormade requirements of your hostel.

Hostel Management System Features

Pragmatic hostel management system is very useful for the administrator. The following are the key features in the pragmatic HMS:

Manage Hostels

Manage Rooms and Beds

Manage Rooms and Beds Rents

Manage Room Amenities and Categories

Associate each room with beds

Manage Room Services

Manage Room Services Rent

Manage Hostel keeping Services

Manage Deposits

Manage Student Information

Manage Admissions

Create Folios/Quotations

Automation of Admission bills

Manage Payments


Manage Hostels:

  • Provision to create multiple Hostels

Manage Rooms and Beds:

  • Provision to create multiple rooms and beds.
  • Able to add the capacity for each room.
  • Able to map each room with beds.
  • Each bed is associated with the room, floor and Hostel.
  • Able to associate room amenities with the bedroom.
  • Able to add the room rents.

Rooms View

Beds View

Form view of Beds

Room Amenities

Room Rent

Room Amenities and Categories

  • Provision to add room amenities and categories.
  • Provision to add amenity rates.

Amenity Category


Manage Services and Categories

  • Provision to add services and Categories.
  • Provision to add the Rent for each service.

Service Categories


Manage Hostel Housekeeping

Manage Student Information

Manage Admissions

Manage Folio/Quotation

Automation of Invoices

Rent Bill

Manage Deposits

Manage Payments

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