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Odoo Rental Bundle

Odoo Rental Bundle comes with Odoo Rental Management App and Odoo Rental Dashboard App

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Odoo Rental Bundle Features

Rental Dashboard

Rental Order Details

Rental Product Details

Search Booking and much more

Odoo Rental Management App

With our integrated rental management solutions, we at Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd have carved a distinctive niche for ourselves. As a cohesive unit of business solutions experts, we have what it takes to devise dynamic rental management strategies.

Rental Order Details

In Rental order form you can fill details of Customer, Order reference, and rental product details.

Rental Product Details

In Rental product details, we can have information like rental start date, expected end date, location from which product should be deliver(not mandatory, pick default location if not provided any ), monthly rental, daily rental(unit price), current stock update location wise.

Odoo Rental Dashboard App

With our integrated rental management app, we at Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd have created add-ons feature for our rental app, to see Rental booking details with the help of Dashboard. Looking into inventory valuation will not give you a broader picture of booking details whereas Dashboard will give a clear picture of current and future bookings. It is also possible to book product from dashboard and same product can be booked for various duration.

In Rental dashboard form you can have filters like start date, end date, product type, company etc.

Booking Search

Based on filters, product will get searched and show you dashboard. You can see current, future and history of booking through this dashboard with the help of selecting date range.

You can book product using this dashboard also, default data will pass on to rental quotation.