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Salient Features of the Jewellery Management

  • The most efficient way to manage the purchase, sales and inventory based on grams.
  • Manage the making styles with making charges per gram.
  • Manage the jewellery purity.
  • Automation of current market rate of all the products.
  • Automation of labor charges based on grams.
  • Manage gold waste % and weight per gram in product master.
  • Automation of product weight in sales, purchase, receipts and deliveries.
  • Customized reports of purchase order, delivery slip, quotations and bills.

Application Designs

Jewel products

Product form view

Making style

Jewellery Purity

Purchase order view

  • Product weights are calculated as Quantity * unit weight.
  • Labor charges are calculated as Product weight * Making charges.
  • Total amount is calculated as (Quantity * unit price) + Labour charges.


Delivery slip

Sales order

Quotation Print


Customer Invoice

Invoice Print

    Automation of Market price

  • Able to user enter the date, gold rate/day in grams and click update button.
  • Once click the update button automatically the sales prices are updated in all of the products ( Gold rate/day * grams of the product).
  • Auto sync is also available and the rates are updated automatically.