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Industrial Equipment & Asset Rental Management Solution

Use Odoo to Give a Performance Thrust to your Industrial Equipment & Asset Rental Business

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Odoo Industrial Equipment & Asset Rental Management Solution

Get best in class technology solution to deliver unmatched business outcomes

Get best in class technology solution to deliver unmatched business outcomes with Odoo Rental Management Software. The increasing complexities in the rental management business mean that you need to be at the top of your game in smart management of industrial assets (including equipment, components, products, and instruments). Bring on-board Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. and harness the full power of Odoo to act as rocket fuel for your industrial asset rental business.

Our custom Odoo rental management solution is meant exclusively for your business. From monitoring the rental process to tracking repairs and maintenance, our experts will be right there for you. Accelerate your earnings and revenues with the perfect Odoo rental solution.

Why opt for our services?

Irrespective of the complexity or scale of assets managed in your business, our Odoo rental solution delivers flawless and robust performance to take your company to a new level of growth. As a cohesive unit of business solutions experts, we have what it takes to devise dynamic rental management strategies. Check out some compelling reasons why our Odoo rental solution is a must-have in your operational scheme of things:

  • Serves diverse industry verticals: Irrespective of the industry you serve, the Odoo solution will fast emerge as an indispensable part of your success strategy. Track your equipment and products and ensure a great
  • Holistic operational management: Every success metric (renting out your equipment and assets, tracking their usage, and identifying their maintenance throughout the specified period) is meticulously tracked so that you remain in full control of operations
  • Amazing tech extensions: Odoo rental solution significantly enhances the value of your business with power-packed integrations like RMO, recurrent billing, warehouse management and payment tracking.

With years of experience under our belt, our Odoo solution for Construction Equipment & Asset Rental Business is the only product you need to gain an unrivalled business edge.

Featured Industrial Sectors

Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd caters to numerous business units across the globe. Here are some of the processes we facilitate:

  • Aerial equipment rentals
  • Portable sanitation rentals
  • Construction component rentals
  • Power and pump rentals
  • General rental needs
  • Preventive repairs and maintenance
  • Materials and machines rentals
  • Service efficiency and management

Diverse features of Pragmatic rental solutions

Gain the confidence to scale up your operations with total peace of mind with the Odoo rental management solution from Pragmatic

  • Rental operations
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Back-office operations

We aim to catapult your brand to unsurpassed heights of success. Get in touch with us now, for integrated Odoo rental management solution.

Rental Operations

  • Rental product configuration
  • Rental dashboard to get a clear view of product availability and booking
  • Price computation based on daily, weekly and monthly price list
  • Simplified way to extend contract
  • Extra days and stand Down Entry for rental order
  • Setup monthly billing
  • Utilization report equipment wise
rental trucks


accounting file with pen
  • Odoo rental maintains a separate accounting entry for sale and rental order
  • Maintain equipment-wise income and expense
  • Asset sale accounting entry differ from normal product sale
  • Invoice analysis report for both sale and rental
  • Easily import bank statement to accounting system for accurate reconciliation


  • Odoo rental helps optimize inventory level to maintain correct stock
  • Intuitive interface that is easy to use
  • Stock can be maintained in the form of Sales stock or Asset stock
  • Easy way to convert Sales stock to Asset stock for hassle-free inventory management


mechanic repairing a vehicle
  • Odoo rental can easily track status update of all equipment and assets under repair or maintenance
  • Capture expense against equipment

Typical workflow in Pragmatic Rental Management

Odoo rental management follows the standardized workflow to manage each aspect of the business right from quotes and inventory allocation, to billing and payments.


Rental Dashboard

Allows you to search and order an equipment on rental basis

pragmatic rental management software
pragmatic rental management software

We can change some of data as per the requirement. Price list can be set different to line level and computation will be as per price list set.

pragmatic rental management software

Manage stocks from multiple warehouses in a single interface. Get updated stock level information.

pragmatic rental management software

Automated delivery order creation after rental order is confirmed.

pragmatic rental management software

Delivery order will be linked to same serial number (if available) or orders will be processed as per FIFO method.

pragmatic rental management software

Rental order line will be activated once the delivery order is validated.

pragmatic rental management software

Using this process we can add or decrease rental product at any point of time. If you want to close this rental line, click on rental line and it will create incoming shipment for the same lot number.

pragmatic rental management software

Rental line status is updated automatically once the incoming shipment is processed.

pragmatic rental management software

Automatic/Manual invoice generation as per returned date. This removes the need to extend the rental by canceling or creating a new one.

pragmatic rental management software