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Android and IOS Mobile and Tablet Apps

Odoo OpenERP Mobile Application

Odoo OpenERP has released a number of very useful features in the new version. We are writing a series of blogs to describe the new features. In this series this is the first blog showcasing the capabilities of the Mobile client. This client runs in the browser and can run on any mobile phone and tablets. This client works on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian platforms. It is built using JQuery Mobile and HTML5.

mobile Developement

Odoo OpenERP 6.1 Version launches enhanced features of Mobile Client Application. This enables user to access Odoo OpenERP data on Smart phone. Currently, data can be accessed in read-only mode. But you can access all your data from the mobile web interface. It is dynamic so you can add new modules on the server and it can quickly be accessed using the mobile interface.

Odoo OpenERP Mobile client allows users to access Odoo OpenERP modules over their smart phones. The platforms supported includes iPhone, iPad, Andrioid, Blackberry, Windows Mobile


Features Include

  • Cross platform support for various phones and operating system
  • Intuitive interface
  • User friendly
  • Easy to configure
  • Dynamically picks up all modules from your server


1) Login Screen

mobile Developement

2) Dashboard

mobile Developement

3) Sales order

mobile Developement

4) Products list

mobile Developement

5) Products Form view

mobile Developement


Client Says

" Pragtech did an excellent job of providing research support for populating our applied systems web development wiki."

Daniel Cer

Applied Stacks

I have really enjoyed working with pragmatic. The team stayed organized and followed through with things. We were able to merge the pragmatic team with our own development team in a pretty effective way. I plan on using Pragmatic again on future projects.

David Richards

Fleet Ventures

We are very pleased with the way Pragmatic did the work on the edu2be and learning content management system using Ruby on Rails technology. They put in lot of hard work to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Anjan Acharya