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Import Sale Order Data

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Import Sale Order Data

At Pragmatic, we have developed an app where user can import all the Contact data into Odoo very easily. The app supports both file formats i.e. Excel and CSV. So user can import excel file or csv file directly into Odoo

Data Importing Made Easy

Supports Both excel and csv format

For importing sale orders,

Go to Sales app-> Orders->Import Sale Order

2. After clicking on Import Sale order you will see a new window as shown below

In this window you can select the type of the file i.e. CSV or XLS file

In CSV/Excel file you can insert following data fields:-s

  • CUSTOMER [Mandatory field]
  • PRODUCT [Mandatory field]
  • QUANTITY [Mandatory field]
  • UOM [Mandatory field]
  • PRICE [Mandatory field]
  • TAX
  • DATE [Mandatory field]

3. Quotation State available

  • Import Quotation in Draft Stage
  • If you want to automatically confirm the quotation after importing then please select this option.

4. Then Upload required file just by clicking on Upload file button.

5. Sequence Available :-

  • You can use the sequence number available in Excel/CSV file
  • Or you can use the odoo default sequence number

After uploading the file you can see the sale order details have been imported to odoo as follows.

It is very simple to use and operations are fast paced.