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Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse (DW) or Data Mart have become of very high importance not only for large enterprises but even to SMB. It combines data from multiple sources into one comprehensive source. A well-designed data warehouse allows you to easily query, report on and analyse business information, even if it’s currently held in different applications. This can enable effective decision making.

Our expertise

Pragmatic’s DW experts will work with you closely to plan and build a scalable and flexible DW that enables you to achieve your business decision making in the most efficient and cost effective way. It is intended for the Top Management reporting needs.

Data warehouse tools we use include
  • Penthao Business Analytics Platform with Schema Workbench
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft BI Platform
  • Talend Data Integration Suite
We can architect, design, implement and support simple or sophisticated data warehouse systems across these tools and environments. And our proven Pragmatic Agile Methodology provides a best practice framework for consistently delivering successful data warehouse solutions.