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Odoo Disable Followers

Odoo Disable Customers As A Follower

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Pragmatic has developed an Odoo module which disables the customers as being added as a follower automatically into the complete system. We have given the configuration to disable or enable it in the General Settings.

Odoo Disable Followers Features

Sales Order

Purchase Order


After installation of this module, it will enable the configuration in the General Settings. Please see the below path and screenshot for the same.

Path: Settings → General Settings → Followers → Disable Followers.

After making “Disable Followers” option True, system will restrict customers/Vendors being added as follower into Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoices, etc.

Lets see how it works.

Sales Order

Generally after confirmation of sales order or when it is sent by email, it adds customer into the followers list. But our module restrict to add customers automatically into the followers list.

Purchase Order

The same with Purchase order, if we are confirming the purchase order it adds vendor into the follower list, but our module restricts it.


When we are validating the invoice system normally a customer gets added as a follower, but our module can restrict it.