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WooCommerce has become the most widely used eCommerce platform online, offering the ability to sell any product with an aesthetically pleasing presentation. Designed to seamlessly integrate with WordPress, it is the preferred solution for eCommerce among both merchants and developers, granting them full control over their online store. Pragmatic has created a connector module between Odoo and WooCommerce that allows users to easily import data from WooCommerce to Odoo. The connector offers several features, listed below. When a user imports a product from WooCommerce to Odoo, they will be able to view the corresponding WooCommerce ID within the form.

Key Connector Features

Import Product Category from WooCommerce to Odoo

Import Product from WooCommerce to Odoo

Import Inventory from WooCommerce to Odoo

Import Customer from WooCommerce to Odoo

Import Sales Order from WooCommerce to Odoo

Get Orders from WooCommerce to Odoo Immediately Using Webhook

Manage Refunds from WooCommerce

Auto Redirection to Orders in WooCommerce from Odoo

Payment Gateways Import Functionality
  • Payment Gateways Import Functionality
  • Payment Gateways Import Automatic Job

Shipping Methods Import Functionality
  • Product Coupons Import Functionality
  • Shipping Methods Import Automatic Job

Product Coupons Import And Export
  • Product Coupons Import Functionality
  • Product Coupons Export Functionalityb
  • Product Coupons Import Automatic Job
  • Product Coupons Export Automatic Job
  • Import Order with Coupon

Option to Import from Multiple instances at a time

Option to sell products from multiple company

WooCommerce Import Tag Categories

Woocommerce Import Tags

Woocommerce Import Blog Posts

Please install the woocommerce python package
to install this module.

Please refer to this link:

API link
  • Applicability

  • Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, our Odoo – WooCommerce Connector Advanced is designed for scalability and can handle any volume of data, ensuring a seamless experience for businesses of all sizes.

  • Connect with Odoo 17

  • With Odoo 17's enhanced features and intuitive interface, managing your e-commerce operations has never been easier. The connector takes full advantage of Odoo's modularity, allowing you to use it with other Odoo apps such as inventory, accounting, sales, and CRM. Talk to us further on integration and implementation.

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