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Whatsapp Odoo POS Integration

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Whatsapp Odoo POS Integration

(new) Now with multivendor support

The POS Whatsapp integration module allows POS operators to not only send whatsapp messages to the customers on the register mobile number which is registered on the whatsapp, but also enable them to send the order receipt in the image form. It also allows them to send messages on the whatsapp group which makes life easier when it comes to sending promotional messages to the group of customers.

POS Whatsapp integration

Whatsapp message

Whatsapp Group message

Whatsapp POS reciept

Whatsapp POS reciept auto

Whatsapp Template

Automatic invoice sent after POS confirmation


Navigation → Point of Sale → Configuration → Point of Sale

  • Whatsapp message: Allows users to send messages to specific customers.
  • Whatsapp group message: Allows users to send messages to a whatsapp group.
  • Whatsapp POS Receipt: This feature allows users to send the order receipt to the customer manually.
  • Whatsapp POS Receipt Auto: It enables the system to send the order receipt to the customer automatically.
  • Whatsapp Template: This feature activates the template option in the POS module under configuration menu. Users can create whatsapp message templates as many as needed, and these templates are used while sending the messages to the customers. The content of a template can be modified before sending to the customers.

Create the templates.

In the template, the user is required to enter the heading, the template and the content of the template/message.

The whatsapp messages to the customers can be sent while selecting the selecting and searching the customer to generate a POS order. After having the desired result of the customer search, click on the whatsapp icon in the customer’s name line.

‘Send Message?’ wind appears, select the desired message template, modify the content if required and then click on the ‘Send’ button.

The message sent by the POS operator is received by the customer.

To send the whatsapp message to a whatsapp, click on the ‘Group Message’ button. A window will appear bearing the whatsapp group list of the account by which whatsapp is signed in. choose the group and template and click on the send button.