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Odoo GoTo Meeting Connector Integration

This app adds the feature of creating a Odoo meeting with GoTo Meeting as a mode of meeting in Odoo Calendar. This app also adds the feature of joining GoToMeeting directly from Odoo.

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How It Works?

  1. Create a meeting in GoToMeeting With Odoo.
  2. Add attendees to the meeting.
  3. The meeting shows up along with a GoToMeeting link in the Odoo calendar of attendees.
  4. Connect to GoTo Meeting directly from Odoo.
  5. Odoo users can receive the GoToMeeting invitation link by email for any (attendees)contacts in their Odoo database through email.


  • Any Odoo User can create Meetings
  • Seamless integration between Odoo and GoToMeeting
  • Fully Automated way to schedule meetings
  • Fully SSL secured meetings.
  • GoToMeeting can be password protected.
  • Select your Timezone
  • Multi Company and Multi-User Support
  • Works with Enterprise and Community Edition
  • Backed by our 3 months bugs free support

Authentication of GoToMeeting and Odoo

Creation of Meetings in Odoo

GoToMeeting link inside Odoo

Calendar View of Odoo Meetings

Receive the GoTo Meeting join invitation link by email

Click on Join GoToMeeting button to join the online Meeting

Redirection to GoToMeetings link