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Odoo Advanced Shopify Connector

Welcome to the most seamless integration solution for your e-commerce business – the Odoo Advanced Shopify Connector.

This powerful tool bridges your Shopify store with Odoo, the latest evolution in ERP systems, ensuring that your online store and backend operations are perfectly synchronized.

Streamlined E-commerce Management

Our connector automates the synchronization of products, customers, orders, and much more between Shopify and Odoo. This means no more manual entries, reduced errors, and a significant amount of time saved that you can invest back into growing your business.

  • Real-time Synchronization: Enjoy the convenience of automatic, bi-directional data exchange. Changes made in Odoo are instantly reflected in Shopify and vice versa.
  • Inventory Management: Effortlessly manage and track your inventory across all sales channels directly from Odoo. Keep your stock levels updated in real-time to prevent overselling.
  • Unified Orders and Customers: Consolidate all orders and customer data into Odoo for easy access and management. Get a 360-degree view of customer activities from a single platform.
  • Financial Consistency: Synchronize your accounting data with ease. The connector ensures that every transaction on Shopify is accounted for in Odoo’s financial modules.
  • Flexible Configuration: Tailor the connector to fit your business processes. You have complete control over how and when your data is synchronized.
  • Applicability

  • Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, our Odoo Advanced Shopify Connector is designed for scalability and can handle any volume of data, ensuring a seamless experience for businesses of all sizes.

  • Connect with Odoo 17

  • With Odoo 17's enhanced features and intuitive interface, managing your e-commerce operations has never been easier. The connector takes full advantage of Odoo's modularity, allowing you to use it with other Odoo apps such as inventory, accounting, sales, and CRM. Talk to us further on integration and implementation.

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