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Odoo COOperate COWorking

COOperate is an intelligent and world class property management software for COWORKING spaces. Our software is Built to delight your customers.

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COOperate is an intelligent and world class property management software for COWORKING spaces. Our software is Built to delight your customers.

All-in-One Coworking Space Management Solution with 500+ Plug and Play Apps and Integrations

One solution for all your needs right from Tenant management Community building, Complaints Management, Employee and Revenue Management. Whether you just run a single location or run a multi-location hub, COOperate is the best tool to help you run your space more efficiently. Market your spaces better with an attractive website and allow members to register and book spaces, collect payments and manage your business. Get a 360 degree view of your entire business and see how it performs.

Why Consider COOperate for your Coworking Spaces?

Revenue Management and Business Health at your fingertips

In this form user can see the patient appointments in the form of list. Here you will find that the appointment has booked with the various parameters like Appointment date, Dentist name, Room, Patient status like come with appointment or walk in and state like in chair, confirmed, sms send, completed, etc.

Market your brand through a website and Mobile App

Create Amazing Websites for your brand and engage prospects. Raising support queries, rent payments, or availability information – Make it completely self service!!

Enable Tenant Networking and Community Building

Foster a culture of Community building and collaborations among your tenants. Enable your tenants to interact with others by organizing events. Manage your amenities through pre-booking. Build a buzzing community of Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and self employed individuals and give them a platform to develop and experiment on new products and services.

Resolve Complaints in a Timely Manner

Provide an easy, intuitive and efficient complaint resolution system to your tenants. Route the complaints to the respective maintenance staff and track issue resolution. Take feedback on the resolution experience.

Streamlined Payment Collection

Allow your tenants to book, pay rents online. Generate automatic monthly or daily bills and track invoice status. Accept Cash, credit cards and bank transfers.

Coworking Management System


Pragmatic coworking management system is very useful for the administrator. The following are the key features in the pragmatic CMS

Manage coworking space structure

Manage Floor details

Manage Space Amenities and categories

Manage coworking spaces

Manage Space Services

Manage Deposits

Membership dashboard

Manage Memberships

Create Folios/Quotations

Automation of Membership Invoices

Manage Payments


Manage Coworking space structure

Provision to create multiple space structures.

Manage Floor details

Provision to create multiple Floors

Rooms View

Manage Space Amenities and categories

Provision to create space amenities and categories.

Manage Co-working spaces

Able to create co-working spaces.

Manage Services and Categories

Provision to add services and Categories.

Provision to add the charge for each service.

Service Categories


Manage Deposits

Able manage deposits for each space

Membership Dashboard

Manage Membership details

Create Folios/Quotations

Manage Client details

Automation of Membership invoices

Manage the client payments

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