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Talented software developers available on an hourly / part-time / full-time basis dedicated fully for you.

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Hiring for a Specific Software Skill?

Pragmatic provides experts across a very wide array of software development languages and technology skills for startups, mid-size companies to large enterprises. A few skills are highlighted here, but we are not limited to these. Just send in your requirement and we’ll provide the best of the pack developer for your project.

Why you Need our Developer Outsourcing Services?

Many Requirements, One Solution!

  • Struggling to meet the IT talent demand-supply gap?
  • Want to ramp up your team?
  • Or launch a product quickly?
  • Or need to fulfill a one off unique client requirement?
  • All this and still you want to be free of the infrastructure burden, HR hassles and payroll problems?

You’ve come to the right place. We will do all the heavy elbow greasing for you. What you’ll get is almost a saving of 50% or more when you hire on-demand developers.

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Hiring Models

As Required, Billed Hourly

A Dedicated Developer

(Full time / Part - time / hourly)

A Business Analyst

(As Required, Billed Hourly)

A Project Manager

(As Required, Billed Hourly)

Full-time Model

Odoo service provider

Odoo service provider

Why Hire Software Developers from Pragmatic?

When you hire from us, you’ll not just get a software developer/s, but much more -

  • Experienced and highly skilled professionals.
  • Free trial with the developer/s shortlisted by you.
  • 8*5 work (160 hours per month) week fully dedicated for your requirement.
  • Guaranteed regular reporting of the tasks as per your needs via telephone, video calls, emails, messengers or any other mode of communication of your choice.
  • High bandwidth internet connection for uninterrupted services.
  • Fully secure state of the art data protection guarantee.
  • Use of project management software for project execution.
  • Thorough internal quality check of the work done by our developer.
  • 24 hr replacement guarantee in case a developer is unable to deliver the tasks due to any reason.
  • 7 days closure in case you don’t want to continue working with us.

Stop worrying about the details and see the big picture.

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