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Pragmatic TechSoft Alliance Program - Now in your region.


We are on a mission to empower resellers and channel partners who are not currently selling Odoo by providing them with comprehensive training resources, support, and opportunities to unlock their full potential in the Odoo technology. By joining our program, resellers and channel partners gain access to a Odoo’s rich ecosystem of tools, training, and expert resources.


Pragmatic Alliance Program focuses on building strong relationships and fostering a collaborative Odoo community among our partners. Ultimately, our goal is to empower resellers and channel partners to diversify their customer portfolio, decrease their sales cycle, and achieve desired revenue in quick succession. By embracing pragmatism, affordable yet advanced solution, and a customer-centric approach, we are committed to enabling our best Odoo experts to our partners to grow together.


Regular (10%)

Referral Alliance

Associate Alliance Project based (20% Discount)

Committed Alliance (25-30%)

Franchise Alliance


Suitable forAnyoneFreelancers, Independent Consultants, Tech Companies already provide odoo or other business apps. Already have an odoo internal team. But looking to ramp teams based on projects.Tech Companies needing fast support and have large volumes of workSmaller companies looking for credibility to compete against other odoo companies. Looking for ready to launch. Strategic move to gain market dominance. Fast growth Focus on Sales and JV manage deliveries.
Benefit to Alliance MemberStandard Email Support
  • 5 to 10% commission on receipt of payment from customer
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated POC
  • 1) White label Pragmatic offerings mark up our services.
  • 2) Priority Support
  • 3) Dedicated POC
  • 5) 3 to 5 days estimations about 10 pages. If requirements are complex and big it might take longer.
  • 1) Priority Support
  • 2) Dedicated POC
  • 3) FREE BRD
  • 4) Fast pre sales support
  • 5) Discounted Access to odooCertify, odooGPT, odooBOT, odooRecruit
  • 6) Marketing Intelligence
  • 7) Sales Intelligence
  • 8) weekly QA call
  • 9) 24 to 48 hours estimations about 10 pages. If requirements are complex and big it might take longer.
  • 10) Unlimited free estimates
  • 1) Use Pragmatic Brand name in your city.
  • 2) Earn 10 to 30% commission on every deal.
  • 3) Compensation on time and resources spent as per market rate.
  • 4) Employee transfer and build capability
  • 5) Discounted access to odooCertify, odooGPT, odooBOT, odooRecruit, Marketing and Sales Intelligence
  • 6) Transparent Pricing
  • 7) Priority Support
  • 8) Dedicated POC
  • 1) Profit share on projects
  • 2) Discount and Access to odooCertify, odooGPT, odooBOT, odooRecruit, Marketing and Sales Intelligence
  • 3) Transparent Pricing
  • 4) Priority Support
  • 5) Dedicated POC

Alliance Benefits

Priority Support and AMC

We support all odoo versions from odoo v7-16

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Priority Pragmatic Apps Access

Early Access to New odoo Apps

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Special Deals

Discount on Odoo Apps and Success Packs

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Training and help with odoo Certification

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Extended Support

Weekly QA sessions

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Community Support

Telegram Group for odoo Support

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odoo Apps Factory

Build Operate Transfer Odoo Apps Program

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Industry Focus

Easy to deploy Micro verticals for faster implementation

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Marketing Intelligence

Support in generating leads for implementations

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Business Consulting

Help with improving odoo implementation and business operations practices

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Access to odooGPT

The Large language model trained on odoo Consulting, Development, Certification, Apps and Business Data

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AI Powered odoo Development

Consulting on using AI tools such as ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot to reduce development and implementation time by half.

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Sales Intelligence

Support in closing implementation projects

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Help in evaluating technical and functional odoo skills while hiring.

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Why should I partner with Pragmatic TechSoft for Odoo Implementation?

  • Pragmatic TechSoft is the most veteran and valued product development company from India.
  • We are Odoo gurus. Pragmatic has been associated with Odoo since its first-ever version was launched.
  • Pragmatic TechSoft has 140+ products developed inside Odoo Appstore
  • 100+ Odoo developers work for Pragmatic TechSoft. WE have offices in Pune, Kochi and Gujarat.
  • In total, Pragmatic is a 13+ years old company with more than 1,000 customers.
  • The Odoo developers at Pragmatic are savvy in Odoo platform and because of this expertise we together can manage to penetrate any industry, any vertical easily.
Odoo Implementation Process

Why should I recommend Odoo technology to my prospective clients?

  • Customization: Odoo is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your clients' businesses. This makes it a good fit for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.
  • Odoo 16 and now soon-to-be launched Odoo 17th version is stronger than ever.
  • The user base of Odoo is over 7 million around 120+ countries.
  • Cost: Cost plays a vital role in technology acquisition. Odoo implementation comes at a fair price compared to SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Industry wide performance: Odoo can be 100% customized and configured to minute level and that makes it industry friendly.

Now as a partner you have broader opportunities and an access to more and more niche industries such as nail art studios for instance.