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Ship-Rocket Odoo Connector

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Local delivery is key to successfully delivering goods in a city. Ship Rocket is an Indian based delivery service that operates daily tasks management. It is a 24X7, on-demand delivery service that helps in saving customers time and money. The shiprocket can get anything delivered at your doorstep in no more than 60 minutes.

Ship-Rocket Odoo Connector Features

Completely Automated

Delivering at lower cost and fastest time

Real time shipping rates between two locations

Use this app inside Woocommerce or directly through Odoo

Steps to start working with Odoo - Ship Rocket Connector.

Now find the menu name API on the left side of the menu bar and click in that menuitem and then you see the following window.

Now click the option Create API User

Now you will see the following option to add email & password. After that a new user will be created that we can use to transfer data between two platforms.

Now login to your Odoo portal.

  • Go to Settings -> Users & Companies ->Your Company ->Ship Rocket Configuration.
  • Add the credentials that we created in step one i.e email and password.
  • Now save the record and click on Authenticate to generate the access token.
  • Also we have added a cron to regenerate the access token after every 23 hours.

Now we move all sale orders to custom Ship Rocket object, this is automatically done by cron.

You can find the custom object under Sales ->Ship Rocket

Once orders are created in ship rocket, we create order in ship rocket by using cron

This cron is used to create orders in ship rocket and accordingly we update the order_id and shipment_id in odoo.

Now the next process to select the partner with which you want to deliver the items.

You can select the channel partner which is feasible for you.

Now add the channel id as shown in the image below

Now once you add the channel id, cron will automatically run and create the shipment, send mail to the vendor about the order details.