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Google Map Integration With Odoo

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""I would like to express my deep appreciation for the technical team's exceptional efforts. Their hard work, expertise, and dedication have been invaluable in achieving success and overcoming challenges. Thank you Pragmatic team for your outstanding contributions I would like to take this opportunity to thank a lot Pragmatic team for their exceptional hard work and result. Very close to end this project , which will be , for sure , the start of others. Also I would like to thank the team for their support, management skills and exceptional proactivity!""

Mohammed Bourebgua

Advantage of Odoo Google Map Integration

Display customer address on Google Map

Route details for User and Partner on Sales Order

Autocomplete Address/Suggestion

Partner Form

In Odoo, on the partner form, you will see two smart buttons, one is Map and another is Route. When user types customer name, system will auto suggest the partner name and address. Please see the below screenshot.


When user clicks on Map smart button, it will open the map with pinpoint. Please see below screenshot which show the partner/customer location on google map.


When user clicks on Route smart button, system will open google map with logged in user location and customer location. Please see below screenshot.

This module provides facility for see the map and route on sales order form and delivery order form.

Integrate Google Maps into Odoo

Pinpoint your geolocation data in Odoo using Google Maps

This module brings four new features:

  • New view google_map allows you to pinpoint location on google maps.
  • New widget gplaces_address_autocomplete, enabled Google places autocomplete address form into partner form view,
    provide autocomplete feature when you typing an address of partner (or any field using this widget)
  • New widget gplaces_autocomplete, enabled Google places autocomplete into partner form view,
    provide autocomplete feature when typing partner name (or any field using this widget)
  • Map Localization

New Widget Google Place Autocomplete Address Form

Provide autocomplete feature when typing an address

List of Google APIs & Services required

  • Geocoding API
  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Places API