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Odoo AI Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence that can Serve your Customers & Employees Better

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Features of Odoo AI Chatbot

It is capable of handling customer service related queries as well as custom Odoo analytics based queries. It can work on the website and in the Odoo app. The best part is, you can add your custom intents based on the data you may be having in your Odoo instance.

Custom Responses for Administrators

Administrators would be able to get custom responses, related to any Odoo module installed. Be it meetings module, projects module and sales modules respectively, custom queries can be asked to the bot and it will give the answers based on the data available in the database.

Setup Custom Commands and Responses

Administrators would be able to set up their custom commands and responses, which will serve their customers. They can add the intent name, few commands which will be used by the machine learning algorithms to understand and interpret customers text, to provide relevant responses.

Instant Responses to Customers

Customers would be able to get instant responses from the chatbot. Be it as a customer when interacting on the website. Anything from latest deals, lead time, shipping methods, payment modes and order status can be asked to the Odoo chatbot.

Things you can ask to Odoo AI Chatbot

Todays Schedule

  • Do I have any meetings today
  • Schedule please
  • Tell me about the schedule for today

You have two meetings for today

  • 11 AM - Kickoff meeting with IBM, in conference room.
  • 2 PM - Meeting with the tech lead regarding new changes on the site

Compare Sales

  • Compare my revenue of 2018 and 2019
  • Sales of 2018 with 2019
  • Sale of 2018 with 2019

Sales in 2018 is 1500000 US$ and Sales in 2019 is 185580US$

Top Leads Lost Reason

  • What is the main reason for losing opportunities
  • Why my opportunities are lost

Primary reasons are -

  • Not enough stock
  • Lack of training for new changes
  • Adequate resources

Lead Conversion Ratio

  • What is my lead conversion rate this week?
  • Lead conversion rate this week?
  • What are the percentage of lead conversion this week?

Conversion ratio for lead is 33.33 %

No Task Assigned

  • Users with no tasks
  • List of users with no tasks

Joel Willis is the only user who is currently not having any task.

Product Category Revenue

  • Different product category revenue
  • Product categories revenue
  • Revenue by product categories

Top 1 product categories in terms of revenue for year 2019 are Product 1 is All / Saleable / Office Furniture with revenue of $ 78712.

Top Customer Revenue by Year

  • Who were my top 5 customers in terms of revenue in 2018
  • My top 5 customers in terms of revenue in 2019

You opt to find top 5 customer in terms of revenue for year 2019 but we found only 2 in your list they are Customer 1 is Azure Interior with revenue of $ 55818. Customer 2 is Gemini Furniture, Soham Palmer with revenue of $ 33131.

Top Customer Revenue

  • Who are the top 5 customers who are giving repeated orders
  • This year’s revenue based on top count clients
  • This year’s revenue based on top count customers
  • My 5 top most customers in terms of revenue in current year

You opt to find top 5 customers in terms of revenue this year but we found only 2 in your list they are Customer 1 is Azure Interior with revenue of $ 55818. Customer 2 is Gemini Furniture, Soham Palmer with revenue of $ 33131.

This is how the Odoo AI Chatbot looks in the App:

General Users can ask some of these Questions from the Website:

What are the different payment methods?

  • Payment methods
  • How do make payments
  • Payment modes
  • Payment partners
  • Modes of payments

Accepted modes of payments are PayPal and COD. All major credit cards are accepted via our payment gateway.

Do you offer Credit Cards?

  • Credit card offers
  • What are the new offers on credit cards
  • Debit card offers
  • New credit card offers
  • Offers on credit card
  • New debit card offers

Yes, we offer all major credit cards.

Do you offer Loans?

  • Are loans offered
  • Loan offers
  • What are your loan offers
  • New loan offers

Yes, we do. Please contact our customer service team to find the eligibility criteria.

How do I Book my Ticket?

  • Book tickets
  • How to book tickets
  • I need to book my tickets
  • Book my tickets
  • Ticket booking

Login to your account, select the dates and destination. Click on book now, to book your tickets.

What are your latest offers?

  • Tell me the latest offers
  • Latest offers
  • What are the latest offers
  • Discount offers
  • Offers on discount
  • What are the offers on discount

We are currently offering a 10% discount on all our products. Use the coupon code DISC10 to avail 10% discount.

Do you have Nike shoes?

  • Do you have shoes
  • Can I ask you for Nike shoes
  • Nike shoes
  • Can I get shoes
  • Can I get Nike shoes

Yes, we do. Visit this URL www.nike.com to find the latest designs.

Whats the latest news

  • Tell me the latest news
  • What are the latest news
  • Latest news
  • Updated news

Scientists are using a new technology called tissue chips, which could help predict the effectiveness of potential medicines in humans. Fluid that mimics blood can be passed through the chip to simulate blood flow, and can include drugs or toxins.

How do I check the Balance remaining on my card?

  • Balance on my card
  • Whats my card balance
  • Card balance
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Credit card balance
  • Debit card balance

You can walk into any of our ATMs, insert your card, enter your PIN and do a Balance Enquiry to find out the balance remaining on your card. You can also request for a mini statement, which will give you details of the last 10 transactions on your card.

This is how the Odoo AI Chatbot looks on the Website:

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