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As the name suggests, WhatsApp Helpdesk module in Odoo is developed by Pragmatic essentially to help our customers with any kind of assistance whatsoever pertaining to Odoo products and services. It is an extension of our foremost belief to put the client first in everything we do. We are committed to working on your issues, listening to your concerns, and guiding you to triumph challenges.

Our objective with WhatsApp Helpdesk Customer Support is to be an empathetic company that understands its customers, their technical issues, and provides ‘pragmatic’ solutions accordingly. We strive to elevate our customer assistance efforts by delivering a superlative user experience with every interaction.

Features of WhatsApp Helpdesk Softwares

Automated Replies for simple support queries

Create Helpdesk Tickets from WhatsApp messages

Allocate Tickets to executives and reply to customers with WhatsApp messages

Support Ticket Creation through email or WhatsApp number

Send WhatsApp Messages at every stage of the ticket


It is challenging to get a sign-up for ‘WhatsApp for Business’ directly and get access to API as the sign-up process takes too long. Hence, it is better to sign-up for a third-party WhatsApp API service as Chat API. Also, Selenium could be used for free but it is not robust and seems unreliable when it comes to handling large volumes of load.

Hence, you need to sign-up for a Chat API account exclusively on https://bit.ly/3MFXxY0

Once you sign-up, you will get a WhatsApp Instance ID & WhatsApp Token.

Odoo Interface

Step 1: Go to General Settings and Paste the credentials for WhatsApp Instance Id and WhatsApp token copied from WhatsApp Chat API

Step 2: Click on ‘Get QR Code’. Then scan the QR Code from your mobile’s WhatsApp Web.

Step 3: After you scan the QR code from your mobile, your Odoo WhatsApp Helpdesk is authenticated

Step 4: Configuration of bidirectional messages (send & receive messages from WhatsApp in Odoo):

In Odoo, activate the developer mode:
Go to Technical → System Parameters → web.base.url → Copy Value
Chat API Configuration:
In the webhook url field, you need to paste the value (copied from Odoo web.base.url)
After that add:
“/whatsapp/response/message” (for Odoo 15 version)
“/whatsapp/responce/message” (for Odoo versions prior to 15 version)

Step 5: When a customer sends a message on the Whatsapp number that is connected to the helpdesk WhatsApp integration, the system will automatically create a support ticket with Whatsapp chat id for that customer's number.

Step 6: Customer can view the conversation in the description box