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WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform on the web that can turn your website into a fully-functional e-commerce store with little to no technical skills. It is a free plugin offered by WordPress. It allows you to create your online store and sell your products and services without any hassle. Odoo WooCommerce Connector by Pragmatic is built to integrate Odoo with WordPress. What makes it an effective eCommerce solution is that it gives both the store owners and developers complete control over the module.

Pragmatic has developed this module not only as a connector between Odoo ERP system and Woo-powered store, but to support the numerous features of the platform, and make it easy to configure. It will help businesses to increase brand value, trigger impulsive buying, and promise an integrated customer experience. Enterprises can make the most of the data they have acquired and dramatically reduce repetitive tasks and allow you to focus on driving better sales.

Odoo WooCommerce Connector Features

Import Product Category from Woocommerce to Odoo
Import Product from Woocommerce to Odoo
Import Inventory from Woocommerce to Odoo
Import Customer from Woocommerce to Odoo
Import Sales Order from Woocommerce to Odoo

Advantages of WooCommerce Odoo Connector

  • Streamline essential e-commerce functions by integrating WooCommerce store in Odoo
  • Economically viable option as both Odoo and WooCommerce are open-source software
  • Extremely user-friendly module as it does not require high-end technical skills or an expert developer to launch the store
  • Seamless transition and operation in terms of importing orders, customer data, inventory, etc.
  • Flexibility is one of the key components of the product as you can add all sorts of new functionalities to your store simply by installing relevant plugins
  • Efficiently works on all the devices
  • Targeting prospects becomes easier as you can personalize and segregate the database
  • Refined data analysis mechanism as you always remain in charge of your data
  • Better tracking and monitoring of customers’ preferences, purchase history, and buying patterns
  • Evaluate store performance which is integral to prevail in the retail segment
  • Completely secure module where you can set up the payment gateways of your choice
  • Create an engaging shopping experience with complete control over your store’s look and interface
  • Push notification functionality for promotions of e-commerce products, services, offers, etc.
  • Draw utmost results from digital touch-points


Once the user imports the product from WooCommerce to Odoo, user can see WooCommerce Id on the form.

Similarly, WooCommerce Id reflects on the customer form once imported to Odoo.

Brief Roadmap for WooCommerce ERP Integration