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Odoo WooCommerce Connector

WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web. It allows you to sell anything, beautifully.

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Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world's favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control. Pragmatic has developed a module as connector between Odoo - Woocommerce. Now user can easily Import data from Woocommerce to Odoo. List of features of this connector is mentioned below:- Once user can Import the Product from woocommerce to odoo, User can see WooCommerce Id over the form.

Benefits of our Odoo WooCommerce connector:

  • It will ease your task by helping you integrate and manage your WooCommerce store in Odoo.
  • Seamlessly perform various operations like Importing Orders, Customer Data, Inventory, etc from Woocommerce to Odoo.
  • As WooCommerce, WordPress and Odoo are open source softwares, it makes them an economically viable option.
  • WooCommerce as well as Odoo being user-friendly and simple to use, one doesn't need to be an expert developer to launch a store.
  • Due to the flexibility it offers, one can add all kinds of new functionality to your store simply with the help of plugins.
  • As it works on all devices, it becomes convenient to target a larger population with smartphones, especially the millennials, who are mostly glued to their devices for all their needs.
  • With WooCommerce, you always remain in charge of your data i.e. data related to customer history and purchases, as well as store performance, which is vital to running a successful e-commerce website.
  • WooCommerce is totally secure, where you can set up the payment gateways of your choice.
  • As it is completely customizable, you can control exactly how your store looks without the need for any technical knowledge.
  • Add our Push Notification functionality for promotions of ecommerce products, services, offers, etc.

Odoo WooCommerce Connector Features

Import Product Category from Woocommerce to Odoo
Import Product from Woocommerce to Odoo
Import Inventory from Woocommerce to Odoo
Import Customer from Woocommerce to Odoo
Import Sales Order from Woocommerce to Odoo

Similarly WooCommerce Id reflects on Customer form once imported to Odoo.


  • Export Product Data from Odoo to Woocommerce
  • Update Products in Woocommerce
  • Export Product Category from Odoo to WooCommerce
  • Update Product Category in Woocommerce
  • Track Mismatch Log
  • Update Order Status
  • Refund Process in case SO is cancelled