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Elevate Your Manufacturing with 40% Enhanced Efficiency

Shop Floor Management: Smarter, Faster, Better

Odoo 17 streamlines manufacturing with real-time analytics, automated scheduling, and an intuitive user interface, driving productivity and reducing downtime

Inventory Management: Precision and Control at Your Fingertips

Odoo 17 enhances inventory precision with AI optimization, seamless RFID & barcode integration, and predictive forecasting for demand readiness.

Vendor Management: Building Strong Supplier Relationships

Odoo 17 simplifies vendor management with automated evaluations, a dynamic purchasing system for optimal deals, and integrated communication for strong supplier relations.

Why Choose Odoo?

Odoo 17 offers a rich array of shop floor control

In the landscape of ERP solutions, Odoo 17 emerges as the comprehensive suite for the manufacturing industry. Our analysis reveals that Odoo 17 surpasses major competitors like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One, and NetSuite in providing an all-encompassing shop floor control system.


Odoo Enterprise V10MS Dyn AXSAP B1NetSuite
Shop Floor Control
Shop Floor Terminals 5
Production Activities
Non-Produciton Activities 6 7
Time Tracking
Messages on Work Orders
Barcode Support
Equipment / Machine Management
Work Instructions on Work Orders
Maintenance Requests from Shop Floor Terminal
Tailored Inventory Management System

Odoo's inventory management capabilities demonstrate robust versatility and integration, ensuring that businesses have a comprehensive solution for their stock control needs.

Inventory Management

Odoo Enterprise V10MS Dyn AXSAP B1NetSuite
Multi-Warehouse 1
Storage Locations (Bins)
Bin Replenishment
Mobile Device Support
Automatic ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice)
Package Management / Cartoning
Freight Carrier Integration
Manage Consignee Stocks
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) 2 3 4

Odoo PLM outpaces rivals with its strong ECOs, integrated BoM and routing management, and MRP synergy. It offers robust ECO management and centralized data, while its flexible platform can adapt to include BoM comparisons and ECO costing, ensuring a cohesive and customizable PLM solution.

Product Lifecycle Management

Odoo Enterprise V10MS Dyn AXSAP B1NetSuite
Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)
BoM Version Management
Routing Version Management
MRP Integration
Centralized BoM Management
ECO Management
Approval Workflows
BoM Version Difference Viewer
Bulk BoM Updates
Notification Mechanism
Project eMail Gateway
ECO Costing

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