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Odoo Dunzo Connector Integration

Local delivery is key to successfully delivering goods in a city. Dunzo is an Indian based application that operates daily tasks management. It is a 24X7, on-demand delivery service that helps in saving customers time and money. The startup can get anything delivered at your doorstep in no more than 60 minutes.

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Features of odoo dunzo connector

  1. Integrates seamlessly with Odoo ecommerce
  2. Get shipping price from Dinzo in real time
  3. Create tasks for Dunzo once order confirmed
  4. Track Dunzo Delivery task status.

1. Go to settings > users & companies > company > Dunzo Configuration

2. In Dunzo configuration, enter client ID, client secret, domain URL and google API and save it.
Then save it and click on test connection to verify whether it is successful or not.

3. Go to website from menu > configuration > shipping method >set provider as Dunzo and integration level as get rate and save it.

4. Now goto website option

5. Goto Shop option on website:

6. Select the items and add to cart as shown

7. After entering the quantities, click on pay now

8. After that all the information of the order will be displayed.

9. Search for the same order in Website > orders > SO0048 for the verification

10. User can also use the crons for updating the orders which are linked to odoo automatically or manually:

11. As soon as the cron will run, the order will be updated with the dunzo task ID

In this way, Orders get updated automatically or manually as per the requirement with dunzo and the process continues from order till payment.