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Odoo Implementation

Flawless Odoo Implementation using Proven Methodologies

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Why Implement Odoo?

Although implementing and accepting anything new is difficult, we will try to break down the benefits in such a way that Odoo implementation will be a cakewalk for you.

Odoo is All-inclusive

Odoo is one software that is all inclusive given the vastness of the modules it has. So, one can assess the business needs and choose the apps that align to your requirements. Then, you can get in touch with us to help you get started with Odoo implementation.

Odoo is Modular

With the modular nature of Odoo, you just need to have a few basic modules to get started. As you go along, you can add modules basis your requirement. You don’t need to worry about the Odoo implementation technicalities as we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Odoo is Flexible

Odoo is not just exhaustive and robust but very flexible as well. It can be customized to any extent based on your business requirements. Besides, once you get a hang of it, it is very easy to make changes on your own.

Odoo is Regularly Updated

Odoo always remains updated. There is never a chance that you’ll remain outdated in terms of technology use as Odoo community keeps rolling out better versions with robust functionalities every year. This also means Odoo stays robust.

Odoo is Open Source

Full version of Odoo is available for download for free as it is an open source. Hence, it’ll save you a lot of time and money which can be alternatively redirected to getting Odoo customized and implemented.

Our Odoo Implementation Process

project planning plan

1. Business Review

This step begins during our sales process.

  • We speak with you about your Odoo implementation requirements.
  • We identify your current business processes and document them
  • This provides us with an understanding of your business environment and helps us speak your language

2. Project Planning

Gap Analysis

  • Helps us to cover the functional gap that might arise in Odoo implementation.

Project Planning

  • We work with your team to identify the discrete tasks, responsibilities and timelines for your Odoo implementation project
  • Establish proper system policies for maintaining and backing-up data
  • Executing tasks as per the Odoo implementation plan in conjunction with the project team
  • Creation of required custom reports

3. Re-engineering, Installation, Team training, Testing, Conference room pilot testing

Customizing, installing and/or upgrading modules and copy it to a test database for use in the pilot testing phase of the Odoo implementation project.

Customization using Agile Scrum methodology

agile method

i. Sprint Planning Meeting (Held at start of every sprint)

At the start of each sprint in the Odoo implementation project, the project team will meet for a “Sprint Planning Meeting”. During this meeting, the project team determines which items, from the Product Backlog, can be completed for the upcoming Sprint and breaks the items down into tasks in the Sprint Backlog. If new requirements have been discovered or requirements have changed since the Project Estimate Meeting then those items would get updated in this meeting.

ii. End-User Training: The following are some examples of key areas that will be addressed during training:

  • How to enter transactions, and the different ways they can be entered and posted
  • How to maintain the data that is accumulating in your system
  • How to use inquiries and reports to obtain the information you wish to access
  • How to complete period and year-end procedures in each module

iii. Conference Room Pilot Testing

The pilot test is based on the processes that are developed during the business process engineering, and it serves two functions:

  • Test the setup of the system
  • Prove the validity of the re-engineered processes and work instructions of the Odoo implementation project
  • Provide additional training for team members by simulating their normal day-to-day activities

iv. Go-Live!

During the go-live period of the Odoo implementation project we ensure that all requirements have been covered to ensure a smooth transition onto the new business system. It is at this time that all tasks on the project plan have been complete, all users trained, all processes reengineered, and the final data migration/conversion is performed.

4. Post Implementation Review and Continuous Improvement:

A plan for ongoing improvement will be discussed and project planning for additional phases of your Odoo implementation may be scheduled.

Odoo Implementation Pricing Package









Installation Yes Yes YesYes
Training5 hours10 hours15 hours15 hours
Consultaiton2 hours8 Hours (BRD Included)15 hours15 hours
BRDOn DemandIn combination with Consultation8 hours8 hours
Assistance in planning project executionOn DemandOn Demand16 hours16 hours
Duration16 hoursNo Constraint--
Company LimitSingleSingleSingleSingle
Support15 days of bug free support30 days of bug free support45 days of bug free support60 days of bug free support
CustomizationPurchase Odoo Apps (Non-negotiable Charges to develop if the module is not presentPurchase Odoo Apps (7.5% discount)/ Non-negotiable Charges to develop if the module is not presentPurchase Odoo Apps (10% discount)/ Upto 5% discount on charges to develop if the module is not presentPurchase Odoo Apps (10% discount)/ Upto 5% discount on charges to develop if the module is not present
Core Implementation Extra Charges (as per the complexity)Extra Charges (as per the complexity)Extra Charges (as per the complexity)Extra Charges (as per the complexity)
OptionalSSL & Domain ConfigurationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
OptionalMail Server Configuration