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Odoo Software as a Service Script - Odoo Saas Rocket Kit All In One

Free yourself from persistent server management hassles & installation nightmares with Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit All In One. The fully-customizable Odoo SaaS Kit Module by Pragmatic lets you build a product on Odoo platform or host Odoo customers in the SaaS environment.

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Our Customer Reviews

"Experience is good using Saas Kit Rocket All in One module with Pragmatic, no problem overall."

- Mohammed Alreshi
Takamol Tec

"With Pragmatic Techsoft the cooperation is fantastic ... I love them👍🏻 and their team, my feedback for the company is very good and i am happy ."

- Robbie Stevenson

"Experience is good using Saas Kit Rocket All in One module with Pragmatic, no problem overall."

- Ezio Grieco
Cocoon Web Tech Srl

ODOO SAAS Rocket Kit All in One

One-Time Setup I Dedicated 90-Days Support I User Manual I Supports Multiple Languages

Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit All In One offered by Pragmatic helps you launch and manage Odoo instances incredibly fast with a host of SaaS support modules. It provides the foundation you need to build a high-performing Odoo SaaS Platform. You can easily add different features or modules to an Odoo installation and provide it in a SaaS model to your clients. The module is tested on all standard installations of Odoo with no third-party apps.

Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit All In One Features

(Trial and Domain Masking Included)

  • Adjustable actual billable users for each tenant database
  • Import Custom Modules in Saas Platform directly from the front-end
  • Monthly/Yearly Rental Invoice for updated number of users
  • Install/Uninstall Modules to Tenant Databases from SaaS Master Panel itself
  • Cloning of Tenant Databases (With Data/Without Date)
  • Explicit Instance + Database Purging option
  • Module Top-up, User Updates, Space Utilization for DB and Filestore charges applicable
  • SSL Certificate (via Letsencrypt)
  • Multi-region support (for Dedicated Docker Container Deployment)
  • Reporting
    • Tenant-wise Users
    • Tenant-wise storage limit Report
    • Tenant-wise Odoo SaaS backup files and storage utilization
    • Tenant-wise XML - RPC calls count report
  • Database Backup for every Tenant and Saas Master database on Local or Remote Location
  • Restoration of Tenant Databases

Benefits Of Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit All In One


Our Rocket Kit Supports Multiple Tenants on Single Server


Supports automatic email customers invoices.

User Impersonation

Customer support is a breeze with impersonation so you can login and help users with your product.

Fully Customizable

English is Supported out of the box.We Support Multiple Languages at additional pricing.


English is Supported out of the box.We Support Multiple Languages at additional pricing.

Subscription Plans

Allow your customers to select from available plans

Domain Masking

Easy way to use your domains

Free Trial Option

Allow your customers to take free trial

Manage System Users

Ability to increase or decrease system users

Custom Apps

Allow customers to use custom Apps

Odoo Multi Version Support
(at an additional cost)

Supports Multiple Odoo Versions

CI/CD Support
(at an additional cost)

CI/CD deployment

Odoo as a Service

Odoo Instance

Customers Website Account View

Convenient and Easy to use

Option to Increase / Decrease Users in Tenant Database

Option to Import Custom Module from Odoo screen

Invoice for Increased number of Users

Option to Install / uninstall modules to tenant databases from Saas Master panel it self

More Than A Module. A Complete Support System.

  • Supports Both Enterprise and Community Versions
  • Supports Odoo Self-Hosted and Self-Hosted Platforms
  • Supports French and Spanish Languages at nominal cost
  • Supports Odoo Installations (with no third-party apps) Without Any Charges
  • Supports Odoo Installations (with third-party apps) With Reasonable Charges

Rocket Kit Lets You Scale As You Grow

Rocket Kit is an Odoo SaaS Script that can be deployed to the cloud in an auto-scaling mode. You can scale the Odoo SaaS architecture to suit your requirements. If you want your clients to have uninterrupted access to your servers, you can choose to have multiple servers.

This way, as the load increases, new instances will be launched. The auto-scaling could be done at the Odoo server or also at the database level. Alternatively, the primary server can be separated from servers on which instances are created to allow compartmentalization and better control.

Pragmatic Odoo SaaS Kit Architecture

odoo erp services

odoo erp services

SaaS Master

odoo erp services

Odoo SaaS Rocket Kit All In One Workflow Overview

Odoo as a Service

With this module, Odoo can be offered as SaaS to the clients. This is done mainly in the form of instances.

The module provides the structure for the subscription-based service model to the users.

This also enables Odoo users to sell its official modules/apps with the Odoo instances as a subscription-based service to their clients.

Subscription Plans

  • Currently, the module has two subscription plans - Yearly and Monthly.
  • The customers need to purchase the Saaskit plan to start the subscription.
  • The user has the option to undergo a trial run before purchasing the Saaskit plan. We have provided a configuration on Master DB for trial period DB and their notifications as follows.

Database Details and Adding Users

As shown,we get a detailed description about the database and its users. Flexibility of adding more users is of course possible through our module.

Trial Period and Payment Options

We also provide an additional feature of selection of trial basis or proceed with the payment gateways configured.

User Increase Notification Template

An email notification can be sent whenever a request for increase in users is made which thereby includes complete details of the number of users to be increased,related to which database as well as the date and time on which the request was made.

Scheduled Database Backup for Tenant Databases

Operations user can define a frequecy to take a periodic back up of all tenant databases. Database backups can be stored on the same server or on report location ie. Using SFTP connection . We can setup the limit of number of days for which that back up to be kept. i.e for 10 days.

Database Backups Available on portal for download

Portal user can see database backup lists on thier respective logins and can download the backups on the local disc.

Importing of Custom Modules From Odoo front-end

User does not need to login to backend in order to import new custom module. This module provides funtionality to import modules from front end itself

Bulk Module Installation in Tenant Database from front-end

User can install / uninstall custom modules from tenant databases from frontend itself with a simple interface.

Odoo Instance

  • Every time a customer needs Saaskit, a new instance is created.
  • The instance can be created manually by the user or a scheduler can be used to create instances for all the orders.
  • The customer is provided with an Odoo instance with all the modules featured in a purchased plan installed in the instance.
  • The login details automatically is automatically sent to the registered email address of the customer.
  • The customer can also login to his/her Odoo SaaS instance from his/her Odoo website account.
  • The customer can use the instance to run the module for the length of the subscription plan.


  • Once an Odoo SaaS contract is confirmed, the order can be invoiced.
  • The subsequent recurring invoices

On selection of above module it will raise a popup window where user can select appropriate report that needs to be generated.

In SaaS master database user will have to provide a directory name and path where the ssl certificates from the customer will be stored. You will also have to provide Apache configuration file path here.

When a tenant database is created it is by default accessible on browser using subdomain functionality. In every tenant database configuration at SaaS master db we have provided a provision as follows :

Why Should You Choose Pragmatic Odoo SaaS Kit

Odoo Saas Setup is a state-of-the-art solution for cloud-based Software as a Service for Odoo that can be easily adopted by SMEs.

You can add different features or modules to the existing Odoo installation or system just by configurations and provide it in the SaaS model or Odoo SaaS service to your clients or end-users.

Odoo SaaS tools can help organizations to leverage their pragmatic power in achieving SaaS advantage and strategically place them in the ever-increasing SaaS market.

Companies can resell Odoo to multiple tenants in a subscription model as Odoo SaaS custom plan and thereby leverage SaaS Odoo implementation at just the click of a few buttons.

Overcome Odoo Installation and Management Challenges with Pragmatic SaaSKit

The bottleneck in Odoo SaaS installation is the load balancing and connection pooling that needs to happen in Postgre SQL. There is a known issue of 100+ simultaneous connections throwing the Postgres database into a stalemate or impasse which needs to be overcome.

We at Pragmatic have used connection pooling along with AWS RDS and using the multiport approach for segregating Master and Tenant account-based optimization to achieve this resilience, with loose-coupling and Enterprise Postgre for advanced implementations when loads would be soaring.

We Use Cutting-edge Technologies (Advanced Version Need-Based)

  • Loose Coupling with segregation of lookup and transactional database
  • Load balancing with Nginx
  • Multiple installations based on high availability
  • Multiport Tenancy
  • Disaster recovery with database backup, replication, and restoration
  • Database Connection Pooling for handling simultaneous users.

Multi version support In Tenant Databases

Supports Multiple Odoo Versions.