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Odoo Runbot

Odoo Runbot (or simply runbot) is a server hosting installed editions/branches of Odoo. It can be used for testing and demo purposes.

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Odoo Runbot

Odoo Runbot is available at http://runbot.odoo.com and is a constantly up to date server running Odoo for testing and demo purposes. Several of the latest builds of the Odoo branches (7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, saas and master) as well as development and testing branches are available.

Why Odoo Runbot

If a user or a developer faces problems in Odoo; he can check the same in Odoo Runbot, if the problem is present in the Runbot environment also then it is probably a bug, otherwise it is a configuration error in his local copy. Odoo partners use Runbot for testing the branches they pushed on GitHub. The home page of Runbot Odoo shows green (thumb up) and red (thumb down) highlighted squares to indicate whether a 'build' works (green) or not (red).

Latest / Required Version

There are generally two databases available in Odoo Runbot; 'all' and 'base'. In the 'all' database every module will be installed and it will contain demo data in it. In the 'base' database no modules will be installed. Runbot Odoo can also be used to check the features of the latest build. It is a multi-user environment, at a time many people around the globe may be accessing the system. You will be able to see of others using the system at the same time you are using it.

To open the latest build version click on the fast-forward button on the leftmost side. To open the required Odoo build version click on the blue button in the rows.

Login to Odoo v11 community Odoo Runbot Build

After clicking the fast-forward button shown in the above image we will get a screen to enter the login details. Before login directly we can check the available database. We will have two databases available 'all' and the ‘base’. The 'all' database will have all the modules installed in it and with the demo data. In the 'base' database no modules will be installed. Runbot provides two credentials for login to DB, users can choose either of them.
User Admin:
Email: admin
password: admin

User Demo:
Email: demo
password: demo

Odoo Runbot in Odoo Enterprise

By default Runbot Odoo, will be loaded in Odoo community environment, but you can enable enterprise version if needed. You just have to select the enterprise option from the dropdown given on the top left side.

Logs in Odoo Runbot

To see the detailed log file indicating the Build errors; click the gear icon present in any of the failed branch (RED square, Thumb down) and click on logs. Several logs indicating what happened during the build attempt will be available.

Additional Points for Odoo Runbot

  1. Odoo runbot can be used to see what is different about a newer build than the one you have installed.
  2. Odoo runbot is a platform where you can test the branches pushed on GitHub.
  3. With Odoo runbot, you can find the new changes in new APIs of Odoo or new enhancements as well.
  4. Odoo runbot uses following resources and its best to deploy one on a server that is separated from your default Odoo’s.
    Required Resources -
    • At least 10GB RAM! Even better is 32GB-64GB.
    • At least 50GB of HDD, preferred 100GB+.
    • At least 4 cores, 6 or 8 would be ideal.
  5. You can use runbot Odoo to have a lot of test databases, to give your sales guy access to testing environments, to show prototypes to customers.
  6. You may think that makes it difficult to try Odoo Enterprise for yourself; fortunately, Odoo runbot will not only help you compare Community and Enterprise, but can also help you test out any version of Odoo.