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Some Reallife Customer
Success Stories

This is what we love the most: studying our client's needs in order to build the most functinal solution for them.
And turning case studies into happy ending, Of course.

Luma Mart Ltd – Pragmatic Case Study

Luma Mart Ltd. is a Kenya-based construction material distribution company. Luma Mart was experiencing several operational challenges in terms of inconsistency in module performance, quality of work, and final output…

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Tinuka– Pragmatic Case Study

Benny Lang, the project manager of a renowned South African Online Shopping and MLM Franchise brand ‘Tinuka’ was tasked with the responsibility of a complete system overhaul.

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Case Studies

A-Line Building Systems – Pragmatic Case Study

A-Line Building Systems

For over 25 years A-Line Building Systems have been designing and manufacturing the highest quality steel frame buildings and sheds for the residential, commercial and agricultural industries.....

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Atlas USA – Pragmatic Case Study

Atlas USA

Atlas International, Inc. is top notch manufacturer and Supplier committed to creating superior kitchen and bath products to improve the lives of its customers since its existence of 15 years. Atlas International is currently located in a 100,000 square foot distribution warehouse in Santa Ana, California, with more than 100 staff members. ........................

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HG Group – Attach2 Equipment Case Study

HG Group Attach2 Equipment

With over 50 years’ experience in the earth moving industry, Attach2 Equipment is committed to bringing the best service ever provided in the industry for its customers in the earthmoving business. Attach2 prides on being an experienced, proactive and dynamic company that always holds on to the core values, which is integral for success.

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Educational Institute Management – Pragmatic Case Study

Educational Institute Management

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is the world’s first graduate-level university dedicated to providing real-world solutions to issues of sustainability. The Institute’s goal is to become a worldclass research-driven graduate-level university

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Media Management – Pragmatic Case Study

Media Management

ZaPOP are specialists in the in-store marketing arena. The company provides marketers with an exciting opportunity to promote their brands directly to the target audience at the "moment of truth" (when the purchase decision is actually made), thus stimulating shopping interest and increasing sales in store.

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Medical Treatment Management – Pragmatic Case Study

Medical Treatment Management

Sanford Health is an integrated health system headquartered in the Dakotas and is now the largest rural, not-for-profit health care system in the United States with locations in 126 communities in nine states. ...................

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Medical system for Openerp – Pragmatic Case Study

EO2 CaseStudy

EO2 Concepts® is an advanced wound care technology company, and developer of a progressive that provides therapy to difficult-to-heal wounds. ........................

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HydroTerra – Pragmatic Case Study


HydroTerra is a well known team of technical expertise and specialists in the implementation of custom environmental monitoring solutions. Improvements in environmental monitoring effectiveness and efficiency in informing management decisions is at the forefront of HydroTerra’s drive for adoption of innovative technologies and after more than 10 years in the environmental sector, HydroTerra is a leader in the field.

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Lark Store – Pragmatic Case Study

Lark Store

Larkstore is one of the leading e-commerce sites operating in Australia. Night Lamps, Crockery products, bedsheets , Home products are some of the products in which they deal in. Today Lark is well-known for its broad and ........................

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