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How We Work

How We Work?

Get deeper insights into our internal processes.

Pragmatic is a process oriented company with a strong emphasis on being committed to deliver value to our customers. We strive very hard to always put customer first. As per our culture here CUSTOMER IS KING. We have formed multiple teams to make sure we have a great communication across projects.

We have a Management team comprising of CEO, Project Managers, HR Managers and Operation Managers. This team is generally involved with all major decision making for the company. Additionally, we have a Leadership team comprising of CEO, Senior Developers, Project Managers and HR Managers. In leadership team is generally responsible for manning projects and resources.

To give you a closer glimpse into our internal processes, we present a series of videos of how our company works. This is important because most of our customers are located internationally and unless they understand how we work, it is very difficult to trust us with work.

We also have a more detailed videos on the internal workings which you can request. Please note that these videos are available to only potential customers and companies wanting to work with us.

Monday Meeting

On Monday we meet as a group to discuss current projects and status of delivery. We discuss asa team on challenges and how we can overcome them. We discuss about resource availability and client availability. We move people across projects for better utilization if client is not giving consistent work. We also discuss general company and people related issues and involve the leadership team in decision ,making.

odoo implementation
odoo implementation

Mid-week Wednesday Update Meeting

We meet every wednesday to take status of projects. This helps us to make sure we are optimally utilizing the resources on projects. We look at what happened last 2 days and plan for the next 3 days. This really helps in fine tuning project plans as per changing situation.

Odoo App Store Think Tank Meeting

This is a monthly meeting where we discuss about new and existing apps on the Odoo App store. We analyze other apps and compare them to our apps. Identify missing features and work on an action plan to improve our apps. We also discuss new possible apps which could be created and launched on the Odoo App store.

odoo implementation
odoo implementation

Project Kick-off Meeting

We generally start new projects with kick-off meeting where we introduce the team, present the plan and our process to the customer. We bring all stakeholders from Pragmatic as well as customers side on a single platform. We discuss our communication model, code delivery process, release process. This also provides a platform for our customers to raise any queries concerns they might have. Since most of the customers we are working are located remotely we make sure that communication is very strong.

Client Meetings

Once the project is kicked off we have either daily, or weekly meeting with customers to update them on progress. We believe that communication is key while working remotely. We give demos on project progress, discuss requirements using screen shares and video calls to keep the transparency on project progress.

odoo implementation
odoo implementation

Client Weekly Updates

Transparency is key to how we work at Pragmatic. We send out weekly timesheets to our customers. We use Project Management software to track project progress on tasks. We export the timesheets and then share this with our customers on a weekly basis.

Pragmatic Rewards and Recognition

We Love to reward and recognize our people for making an impact in the growth of our company. We conduct monthly parties to host such events.

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