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Odoo Analytics - Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform for Odoo

Our Process

Export Data

Historical and current data needs to be exported from current system If you have historical data stored in other platforms such as Quickbooks, Sage, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics.

Import Data

The data then can be imported in OdooAnalytics schema. We have ready scripts which can export all your data from Odoo schema to OdooAnalytics platform schema.

Get your Analytics

Once your data is imported you can see very intuitive representations of your enterprise data in the form of Speedometers, Pie CHarts, Bar Charts


OdooAnalytics - Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform for Odoo OpenERP

Originally known as OpenERP, Odoo is a dynamic tool for capturing operational data for gaining crucial insights into significant processes such as eCommerce, trading, manufacturing, retail, and others. Decision-makers can leverage the reports offered by this tool thus making profitable business decisions in the short-term. However, if you are planning to perform effective analytics on historical data, Odoo lacks the power and capability to provide you with intuitive information.

Since historical data stays outside Odoo, you cannot use them for analysis. It is here that 'Pragmatic' emerges with an innovative solution that helps you use historical data along with the current data from previous systems.

Our Odoo Analytics platform
As the pioneers in effective business analysis, we offer Odoo Analytics, a unique platform for enterprise data extraction. Our platform is powered by specialized dashboards that can be used by key stakeholders including CFOs, CEOs, and CMOs. We support Odoo 6, 7, 8 and 9 Version across diverse devices such as tablets, mobiles, and desktops.

What CEOs get to see?

If you are a CEO of a business organization, our Odoo Analytics tool will help you view:

  • Search results on yearly basis
  • Profitability reports on quarterly basis
  • Top selling services and products
  • Profitability reports for previous years

What CFO’s get to see?

  • Expense and budget compatibility ratio
  • Unplanned expenses included in the following financial year
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cumulative profits of the company

What CMO and CSOs can see?

If you work as a CMO or CSO for a company, Odoo Analytics will help you view:

  • Key consumer accounts
  • Last moving services and products
  • The best salesman
  • Sales analysis and trends
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns

What HRs get to view

HRs can view the following reports and updates:

  • Identification of loyal and dedicated employees
  • Track attrition
  • Appraisal analysis