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Features of Odoo 16

It’s hard to do something ‘simpler’. However, the latest version of Odoo makes you think otherwise. Or at least, their team ensured it seemed to be. Nevertheless, the massive efforts in developing this instalment of the Odoo version are quite apparent.

Throughout its development, Odoo 16 has captured the attention of the tech community, business and ERP developers. There has been a lot of buzz online regarding Odoo 16's upcoming features and early predictions. After its unveiling event, and subsequent informational product videos, it is only fair to say that Odoo has lived up to its reputation…yet again.

Blink of an eye performance

  • Everything becomes incredibly faster in the Odoo 16 version
  • While the front-end operating is virtually 8X faster than the current ERP market leader, the backend operation is up to 3.7X faster than its own predecessor (Odoo 15)
  • The resulting efficiency from faster operating interface will save hours of designer/developer’s productive time
  • The UI can be shifted to the dark mode in a single swipe
  • Generating bills and invoices can also be done faster than the proverbial blinking of an eye
  • New dashboards are also introduced with countless other quality-of-life improvements

Odoo knowledge application

  • A new application Odoo Knowledge is one of the highlighting features of Odoo 16
  • The application can be used to update and share dynamic content
  • It is similar to an information hub for Odoo users
  • Organize calendar, to-do lists, sort top-performing products, publish FAQs, etc.

Incredible website builder

  • With the various new styling options made available in Odoo 16, users can create their own style for the website
  • Images can be added from the front-end in a grid or slider format
  • Ease of access with the one-click functionality
  • Cookie consent bar is also part of the new design
  • Create customized UI with new device shapes, scroll animation, hover animation, etc.
  • Organize content and product images layout in a better way with the grid format.
  • Completely mobile-friendly interface with mobile editor feature

Accounting module reinvented

  • Similar to the inventory module, there are many notable changes and enhancements in the accounting module.
  • A more digitized approach to invoice management has been covered which will definitely improve operational efficiency
  • In this version, users can define credit limits for clients
  • Through its accounting system, Odoo 16 supports order cancellation and refund processing
  • Synchronization with more than 20,000 financial institutions to facilitate payments
  • You can update all the accounting transactions at once

Email Reminders

  • Bank sync
  • Payment handling
    • Create the payment
    • Check eligible payment discounts
    • Write off the expense
    • Pay down the invoice

Of course, digitizing invoices will be a default component to expedite accounting procedures. Industries that routinely experience high-volume transactions can tremendously benefit from this feature. Moreover, a reconciliation widget has been assigned to this module. This widget intends to make the reconciliation process faster and easier.

In the latest version, email marketing gets a significant makeover. The most notable upgrades in the marketing module are –

  • Create a new mailing from the previously saved lists
  • Edit global attributes of the mailing list all at once
  • Save and reuse filters for future mailings
  • Import your contacts and mailing addresses

Besides these features, customers can expect a bunch of fresh email templates for effective campaigns. Odoo 16 marketing module will also enable users to operate Twitter from its social marketing module.

Sales & CRM improvements

  • The improved CRM module is going to provide more visibility into customer services and seamless onboarding procedures
  • The new marketing module renders powerful email marketing capabilities, enabling business users to design custom email templates as per their business needs.
  • Support sales and marketing activities with a unified mechanism between coupons, eWallet, promotions, loyalty cards, gift cards, across e-commerce, POS, and sales orders
  • An all-new loyalty program engine has also been developed in this version

The triggers and rewards are also added. Able to control when the promotions/ loyalty points will apply.

New payment provider ‘Mercado Pago’ is introduced. A new option to take digital payments in Latin America. It is the region’s largest online payment platform.

E-Wallet is also included in the list of new features which was missing in the previous version.

Boost to e-commerce businesses

  • New menus have been added to help users sell online easily
  • Take control of your products inventory with product-specific features like product filters, product rental, bulk upload, etc.
  • Alternative products suggestion, add to cart button, back-in-stock notification, are also introduced in the latest version
  • Enable easier payment procedure with features like click and collect on-site payment and express checkout.

Superior Inventory Module

  • Improvements have been made to the inventory module, including upgrades to delivery methods and force back-order options
  • An array of new tools has been added to enhance the module's overall functionality
  • Auto-replenishment features are significantly improved
  • A more efficient way to ship goods and manage delivery
  • Printing, scanning, and managing lots of barcodes is made easy
  • A number of changes and enhancements have also been made to the purchase module
  • To facilitate better procurement management, the 'call for tender' feature has been redesigned You can also generate an alternate RFQ to compare with the original.
  • You can choose the best option for each purchase based on the multiple options offered.
  • Additionally, there are notable changes in the POS module, mostly related to receipts and deliveries.

The Sign Module allows contacts to refuse to sign the document for a specific reason.

  • They sign before us, or vice-versa
  • Template management
  • Green savings report
  • “My” requests
  • Refusing to sign
  • Multi-company
  • User email signature

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Odoo 16 manufacturing execution system will help organizations align operation dependencies to optimize the process planning further
  • Easy system access, simultaneous multi-user participation, next availability date of unavailable components, pre-defined instructions, etc. will eliminate the complexities in the manufacturing line
  • Features like step-level tracking, barcode scanning of components to conform with standard procedures, validate job quality, etc., will elevate the assembly line productivity
  • Users can add a step, feedback, and suggestions, through pictures for making the process better

Advanced chatbot

  • The new version of Odoo also enlists the improved avatar of chatbots
  • You can assure an enhanced user experience with the new set of questions and automated responses based on AI
  • An effective addition upholding the efforts of your marketing team to generate more leads

A more engaging Job application form!
BONUS – no need to pay for the Recruitment App!

Analytic Plans to distribute income, expenses and labour.
Measure margins on any number of dimensions!

  • Job profit
  • Project ROI
  • Campaign value
  • Product line margins

Live Chats are also available in Odoo 16

One of the many new advanced features of Odoo 16 is the allocation reports for manufacturing. Customers can track the live status of their manufacturing order at any stage of the production. Furthermore, there is provision to split and merge orders along with a dedicated subcontracting portal.

The Employee module empowers users to conduct employee assessments, monitor performance, track productivity, and perform data analysis. The module can save and provide data on employee activities to enable better workforce management.


  • Odoo 16 is better equipped for performance and enhancements than its predecessors.
  • Modules such as sign, time-off, employee, and website, incorporate other micro functions and features.
  • The new website builder module integrates both back-end and front-end interfaces.
  • A consolidated platform is provided for advertising and coupon management.
  • You can retrieve and copy-paste emails, or create a new one with the same content.
  • Sign module allows you to change the person’s role or check the ecological saving.
  • You can maneuver the approval process as per the organization’s requirements.
  • Updated shipping operations provide exact customer locations and tools to control shipping delays.
  • You can communicate procedural details with the advanced chatbot.

Overall, the Odoo 16 system is strategically interconnected and accessible. User experience has been enhanced with easy access to tools and features. More advanced features and tools are being developed that will surely make way for next-level business automation.