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Create amazing ride experience that gives the thrust to your business

Odoo Fleet Management Module helps you create amazing ride experience that gives the thrust to your fleet management business

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Odoo Fleet Management

Let Odoo Fleet Management Software solve your fleet management concerns to amazing effect

Gaining the upper hand in the competitive domain of fleet and transport requires an eagle eye view of all operational aspects. The end-to-end fleet management solution from Odoo helps you in rapid decision making when it comes to your personnel, fleet or administrative duties. The result – smooth running fleet operations that delights both customers and internal staff.

The solution is geared with deep level of customization so that it solves your precise business challenges and help you grow your business with the assistance of technology.

Inside the Hood – A Range of Remarkable Features

Leading Odoo Fleet Management Software Provider

  • Maintenance of Fleet history including all the relevant details of the Fleet like Model No., Engine Volume, Seats, License Plate, Fuel Type, Registration details, Etc.
  • Maintains a complete record of the Driver details like Name, Driving License, Etc.
  • Maintenance of Insurance Details
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) for recording & analyzing various maintenance activities of the Vehicle
  • Management of Fleet Maintenance Contracts including the Fleet Maintenance, Quotation, Fleet Maintenance Orders & its Invoicing
  • Fuel Tracking which would help in monitoring of Fuel consumption
  • Odometer Statements specific to the vehicles
  • Configurable Master Data including Vehicles, Service Templates, Service Tasks, Insurances, Fuel Type, Driving Licences, Etc.
  • Accounting Module to meet all the financial & billing needs of the company. Its closely integrated with all other modules
  • Sales Module to manage all the sales transactions of the company
  • Purchase Module to manage all the purchase transactions of the company
  • Warehouse Module to manage all the Inventories & Warehouse requirements of the company
  • Provision to generate the Work Orders for maintenance of the equipment's & assigning the Spare parts required

Unique Features In Pragmatic FMS Tracking Device

We provide the Best Odoo Fleet Management Module Implementation Services

  • Real time tracking of fleets, assets and sales team
  • Complete history search
  • Daily reports with graphs / distance traveled / top speed Etc.
  • Integrated with fleet management and ERP
  • No need of GPS devices (Android based smart phones works)
  • FMS can be integrated with any tracking device

Vehicle Record

Vehicle record is a bespoke feature in Odoo Fleet Management ERP

Pragmatic Odoo Fleet Management Software

Driver Record

Get all the driver records at one place in Odoo Fleet Management

Pragmatic Odoo Fleet Management Software

Vehicle Integrated With GPS Device (Android Based Smart Phone)

Our Odoo Fleet Management Software gives you the ability to manage data of all the vehicles that have GPS devices integrated.

Pragmatic Odoo Fleet Management Software

Location Tracker

Odoo Fleet Management ERP has the feature of location tracking enablement.

Pragmatic Odoo Fleet Management Software

Vehicle History

Odoo Fleet Management Software has the ability to record vehicle history.

Pragmatic Odoo Fleet Management Software

Vehicle service

Odoo Fleet Management Module also stores the data of vehicle servicings

Pragmatic Odoo Fleet Management Software

Work order

Odoo Fleet Management Software secures work orders in proper work flows.

Pragmatic Odoo Fleet Management Software