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HTML5 sets a very exciting move towards a better user experience supported natively for users on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile platforms in a browser. There has been a few frameworks and technologies which tried to bridge the gap between Desktop / Native applications and Web Applications but they all suffers from being very complicated for a average Web Developer. Flash/Flesh have been most prominent among these technologies. But with the advent of HTML5 and its simplicity a number of things which were far fetched to achieve in HTML in the browser have been implemented. Being simple HTML5 is very appealing to large audience of web developers.

It enhances the surfing experience by providing features such as canvas, enhanced context menus, direct-mode graphics, advanced client-server communication channels, great semantics, embedded audio and video tags, various features for offline web applications, sandboxes iframes, scoped styling and more. HTML5 is now supported over all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

Pragmatic offers expertise in HTML 5 development services backed by talented team of expert HTML developers and professionals to increase efficiency and add value to your unique business needs. We not only help you by creating the required portal, but also will make recommendations on better user experience with use of new features in HTML5.

HTML 5 Features we support

Video Integration
You get a native video support in HTML itself which allows you to stream video over the web. We integrate your video with ease and give you the power to manipulate the control.

Canvas can help you to render graphics and images easily, without having to depend on plug-ins.

This is great add-on to HTML5 as Geo-location can solve much needed location issues. We integrate this API with your site to help you define location information with high-level interface. With the support you can easily locate IP address.

Application Caches (Online- Offline Support)
HTML 5 comes equipped with support for Online-Offline mode. This is really important when you are in a traveling mode and need access to the data stored on a cloud.You can have anytime access to your mail and reminders. We can implement HTML 5 Application Cache features for you to let you have access to mailbox or any other kind of data without connecting to the Internet.

Drag and Drop
HTML 5 supports very easy drag and drop features providing very powerful tools for an interactive website.

HTML Services

  • Migrate your existing Flash / XHTML / HTML site
  • Develop websites for Mobile iOS/Android frameworks
  • HTML5 Design and Development
  • HTML5 Application Development