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CRM TikTok Lead Integration

Pragmatic has built an integration App between Social Media platform lead form ads such as Tiktok and Odoo CRM.

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CRM TikTok Lead Integration

TikTok has 689 million global users and counting, making it a rich resource for connecting with new customers and a growing brand online. TikTok’s Lead Generation format displays a pre-filled lead generation form natively, where customers can choose the kind of information they want to share about themselves. Like other native lead form ads, this results in lower cost leads and a great customer experience. For configuration follow the steps below.

Features of CRM TikTok Lead Integration

Social media Dashboard for tiktok

Advertise on tiktok

Generate lead from tiktok

Odoo Interface

Step 1: Go to CRM → Settings and Check the boolean for “Tiktok Account” to Paste the credentials For Tik Tok App ID , App Secret , R ID and Instant Forms Create(Start Date) and Last Updated Date (End Date) and Time.

P.S - When time is not accurate , it will still fetch the data. Make sure that date entered is accurate. Also date is for filtrating the data and it the mandatory fields.

Step 2. Go To Social Dashboard Menu.

Step 3: On the Social Dashboard click on TikTok Dashboard. From this menu you will see the installed module. To authenticate, click on the “Link Account” button.

Step 4: After Clicking On the “Link Account” button a wizard opens, that contains “View Your Public Info, Access Your Ad Account For”. And click on the “Confirm” button to complete the authentication part.

Step 5: After successful authentication the following message will be displayed on the screen shown in the image below.

Step 6: Go to the Social Dashboard Click on Configuration → Tiktok Advertisers Menu. Here we are going to get “Advertiser Name, Social Media, Media Type, TikTok Advertiser ID, TikTok Access Token” from TikTok.

Step 7: To create TikTok Pages Go to CRM → Configuration → TikTok Pages.

Step 8: Click on the create button→ Select the existing TikTok page from fetched page data. Automatically the details like page id and advertiser id will be loaded.Click on the “Save” button.

To Create Lead at Odoo ,click on the “Import Lead” Button. Step 9: Lead gets created on odoo with mapped and unmapped fields along with Tracking Information.

Step 10: More Detailed information on TikTok at ‘TikTok Info’ page.