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Odoo Rental Management Solution for Assets or Equipment Rental Companies

Streamlined rental management of assets, products, components, and instruments to clients by using Odoo

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Rental Management Solutions

Streamlined rental management of assets, products, components, and instruments to clients by using Odoo

Streamlined rental management is the need of the hour for organizations which rent out their assets, products, components, and instruments to clients. If you own such a unit or want to use technology to manage multiple assets, then we at Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd can emerge as the most reliable partners.

From monitoring the rental process to tracking repairs and maintenance, our experts will be right there for you. We value our clients and their business goals, thus accelerating their bottom lines through effective rental management.

Why opt for our services?

With our integrated rental management tech solutions, we at Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd have carved a distinctive niche for ourself. As a cohesive unit of business solutions experts, we have what it takes to devise dynamic rental management strategies. The following reasons will denote why clients prefer us for their technology solutions needs:

  • Serving across industry verticals: Irrespective of the sector you are working in, Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd will ensure perfect rental management for you. Rent out your equipment and assets, track their usage, and identify their maintenance throughout the specified period with an easy to use yet powerful interface
  • Day-to-day management: We bring forward exceptional rental management solutions equipped with unique and innovative features. That will make day-to-day management and tracking easier than ever!
  • Odoo: We deploy and incorporate the Odoo solutions into your existing business infrastructure, which streamlines the entire rental management process. You will also receive integrated functionalities including RMO, recurrent billing, warehouse management, and payment tracking

These features and highlights of our services will clearly explain why you need to rely on us. With years of extensive experience and unmatched technical expertise, we are truly the pioneers in rental management.

Featured industrial sectors

Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd caters to numerous business units across the globe. Here are some of the processes we facilitate:

  • Aerial equipment rentals
  • Portable sanitation rentals
  • Construction component rentals
  • Power and pump rentals
  • General rental needs
  • Preventive repairs and maintenance
  • Materials and machines rentals
  • Service efficiency and management

Diverse features of Pragmatic rental solutions

Whether you own a small business unit or a colossal enterprise, our rental management solutions will ensure easy handling of processes. Our flexible systems and solutions can improve the following category of operations:

  • Rental operations
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Back-office operations

We aim to catapult your brand to unsurpassed heights of success. Get in touch with us now, for integrated rental management.

Rental Operations

  • Rental product configuration
  • Rental dashboard to see product availability and booking
  • Price computation based on daily, weekly and monthly price list
  • Easy way to extend contract
  • Extra days and stand Down Entry for rental order
  • Setup monthly billing
  • Utilization report equipment wise


  • Separate accounting entry can be maintain for sale and rental order
  • Income and expense can be maintain equipment wise
  • Asset sale accounting entry differ from normal product sale
  • Invoice analysis report for both sale and rental
  • Easily bank statement import to accounting system to reconcile entry


  • Real time tracking of equipment
  • Nice interface to see equipment availability
  • Stock can be maintain in the form of Sales stock or Asset stock
  • Easy way to convert Sales stock to Asset stock


  • Easily traceable if equipment is under repair/maintenance
  • Expense can be captured against equipment

Typical workflow in Pragmatic Rental Management

Rental management follows the standardised workflow to manage each aspect of the business right from quotes
to inventory allocation to billing to payments.

Rental Dashboard, where you can search and create rental order for available rental Product.

We can change some of data as per need. Price list can be set different to line level and computation will be as per price list set.

We can also provide stock level information on sale order line if not using dashboard. In case we have multiple warehouse.

Once rental order is confirm delivery order will be created for the same.

It will be linked to same serial number if available or will work according to FIFO method.

Once delivery order is validated. Rental order line will be active.

Using this process we can add or decreased rental product at any point of time. If want to close this rental line, click on rental line and it will creating incoming shipment for the same lot number.

Once incoming shipment is processed, Rental line status will be changed accordingly.

Invoiced will be raised as per returned date so we need not to extend our rental by cancelling and creating new one, It will be handled automatically. Invoice generation can be set up manual or automatic as per need.