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Odoo OpenERP Consulting Management

High powered tech solution to meet the diverse needs of your consultancy business

Your business is increasingly influenced by complex industry demands, changing customer preferences, social media signals, and escalation in client expectations. Utilize the value and cost savings provided by our Odoo OpenERP solution tailor-made solely for your consulting business.

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Versatile and High Performance – just like your consultancy company

Check our Odoo OpenERP mastery that brings your business to life.

When you advise your clients on how to streamline operations for maximum profitability, we do the same for you. Each and every process of the operations will be made smoother, quicker, and more precise when our Odoo OpenERP Consulting Management is implemented into your systems. Easy to learn, exciting to implement, the solution has what it takes to move your consultancy business past your competition to an altogether new level of success. Your business may be spread across the globe, but with our Odoo OpenERP solution, you still remain firmly in command of your operations with ease.

Create new benchmarks of customer servicing excellence

Explore our amazing array of features meant to transform your business

  Provides 360ᵒ support for effective &efficient management of all work processes involved in the delivery of sharp consultancy services to Clients.

   Capable of tracking the skills &manhours utilized across all the activities and tasks within a particular process.

  Enables the firms top optimize budgeting of all the consultation projects & tasksat both levels - the Macro and Micro level of project management.

  Huge storage and easy retrieval of all clients &stakeholders records.

   Effectively gears the Revenue Model of all the Consulting Firms for better success. This is driven mainly by the distinct Accounting Module which allows the creation of SO, PO, Invoices, Payments, etc.

 An integrated HR Module helps in managing the personnel or workforce of your consultancy. It allows creating company structure, salary structure, payroll processing &much more.

 User Friendly and timely reports helps the company in effective Monitoring of all the Consultation Projects. Thus these interactive reports help in better decision making capability.

Consumed Services in the Consulting Project Analysis Reports.

Budget Reports of all the Consultation Projects.

Expense & Revenue Reports associated with all the Consultation Projects.