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Odoo OpenERP Veterinary Medical Module

We Provide Health-care Management

Pragmatic has launched another new and advanced Product in the field of Health-care Management .

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Veterinary Medical Management

We Provide Health-care Management

With Odoo OpenERP 7 Veterinary Medical Module , Pragmatic has launched another new and advanced Product in the field of Health-care Management . This Product comes with many features like

  • Pet information Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • ICU Management
  • Invoices Management (Invoice in Pet Owners name)
  • Pediatrics Management
  • Warehouse Management

Features of Veterinary Medical Management

We Provide Health-care Management

A) Basic Configuration Forms :

1) Laboratory

  • Lab Testing Units and Lab Tests can be Configured

2) Diseases:-

  • 14181 diseases are pre-configured in the system according to ICD-10 standards and new additions in the list can be made
  • Pathology Groups can be created
  • 248 Diseases categories are pre-configured in the system and new additions can be made

3) Medical Procedures:-

  • 72589 medical procedures are pre-configured in the system. New additions can be made

4) Health Centers:-

  • The Hospital Infrastructures Hierarchy is maintained using Health Centers, Health Center Buildings Wards, Health Center Beds, Health Center Operating Rooms

5) Physicians:-

  • Physicians can be configured along with details like Name and address etc

6) Medicaments:

Details like Dosage frequency, Dosage units, Administration routes, medicament units, medicament forms etc can be configured. 375 medicaments are configured by default in the system

7) Genetics:-

  • 4298 genetic risks are configured by default in the system
  • Miscellaneous features like Medical Specialties (58 pre-configured), Occupations (653 pre-configured ), ethnic groups, Recreational drugs etc can be configured in the system

B) Appointments:-

  • Creating Appointments for the patients
  • Maintaining the status of the Appointments whether the appointment was done or not
  • Can list out all the Appointments of a particular doctor
  • Adding prescriptions related to the Appointments
  • Adding Pediatrics Symptom Checklist for the Patients

C) Inpatient Registration:-

  • Creating records for Patients Admitted to the hospital
  • Adding details related to Therapeutic Diets Beliefs etc
  • Adding Medicines provided to the patient
  • Adding Nursing Plan and Discharge Plan

D) Intensive Care:-

  • Adding patient ICU information like Mechanical ventilation History, Admission Date etc
  • Calculating Glasgow Coma Scale ( GCS )
  • Calculating Electrocardiography ( ECG )
  • Calculating Acute Physiology and Chronic Health evaluation 2 ( APACHE 2 ) score

E) Patients:-

  • Creating Pet Patient Records with Patient details like Name, Owner's Name, Owner's Address, Gender, Birthday, type of Pet, Breed, etc
  • Adding other information like Diseases History, Medication given so far, Appointment History of patients, Patient Diet and Exercise details, Patient lab Tests, Patient Genetic Risks Details, Patient Gyneco details, Patient Obstetrics Details, Patient Surgery details, Patient Socioeconomic Details etc

F) Nursing :

1) Roundings

  • Patient Rounding details can be added like Six P's, Vital Signs, Diuresis, Glycemia etc
  • ICU rounding evaluations details like GCS, Pupil Dilation, FiO2, PEEP, SCE, Oral Mucosa Lesion, Chest Expansion details, Cardiovascular details, Blood and skin evaluations like Bacterimia, Surgery site infection, Wound Dehiscence, Necrotizing fasciitis etc, Digestive and Abdomen evaluation etc can be added

2) Patient Ambulatory Care

  • Details of the procedures done, Temperature, heart rate, Respiratory rate, medication and vaccines provided etc details are mentioned

G) Pediatrics:

  • The new born details like Baby's Name, gender, Length, Cephalic Perimeter, Weight, Date of birth, doctor in charge etc are maintained
  • Neonatal Signs and Symptoms like Meconium, Positive Barlow, Talipes Equinovarus, Transversal Palmar Crease, Syndactyly etc are maintained
  • Neonatal Reflex Check details like Grasp Reflex, Swimming Reflex, Babinski Reflex, Moro Reflex, Sucking Reflex etc are maintained
  • Pediatric Symptoms checklist is maintained

H) Laboratory:

  • Create Lab test Requests
  • Create Draft Lab test results in the lab test templates provided
  • Enter the Lab test results in the lab test templates

I) Invoices

  • Creating Invoices for Lab test, Appointments, Prescriptions
  • The invoice are created automatically on the pet-owners name
  • Automatic Entries in the Balance sheet

J) Reports

  • Medicament List Report
  • Appointment evaluation per doctor report
  • Appointment evaluation per Medical health Service Report
  • Appointment evaluation per Prescription Report
  • Appointment evaluation per Specialty report

Patient Information

User can Create Patient with information like name, Pet-owners details, pet-owners address, insurances, Diseases, Socio-Economic conditions , Lab Tests.

Patient Family records

Patient Family records are created per pet owner. All the pets belonging to one owner are in one family.

Patient Appointment

Appointments can be created for the patients.

Patiant Admission Records

Records of the patients admitted in the hospitals are created. In this , information like Diet and Nutrition of the patient , care plan etc are added as well.

New Born Record

New Born Record can be created in which details like Neonatal Signs and Symptoms , Neonatal Reflex check etc can be recorded.


Invoices for the services provided in the hospital can be created. They have direct effect in the balance sheet. The invoices are created against the pet owners .

Lab tests invoice

Appointments to be invoiced.


Many reports can be printed by the system. These help in Efficient Decision making and Management of the hospital.

medicament list Report.

Appointment Evaluation per doctor report.