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Odoo Voice is a new voice feature integrated with odoo

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The Odoo Voice app delivers the best Odoo experience for your mobile device using Simple Voice Commands

Odoo Voice is a new voice feature integrated with odoo where one can easily work with odoo using simple voice commands. Odoo voice provides you with a personal assistant Lisa who is proactive and always ready to help on a simple voice commands. It is easily downloadable from play store in Beta version under company name pragmatic Techsoft pvt ltd.


There is very little you need, to enjoy the best odoo voice experience

  • Android Handset with Internet Connection preferred 3G,4G
  • Odoo Server 9 And 10
  • Sales module is mandatory to start with but you can have any number of modules installed
  • Responsive oddo theme to work well with the android handset.

Odoo Voice Features

Daily briefing

  • Daily briefing relevant to your role in the organization

Voice enabled Navigation

  • Voice enabled Navigation inside odoo Environment.


  • Highly Interactive and smooth experience.

Real time

  • Briefing will be real time and will show most recent data

Downloadable reports:

  • you can open all possible reports and download them over phone using simple voice commands.

Simple & Fast

  • Odoo Voice is simple an Fast to use.