When to Opt for Odoo Customization?

Existing out-of-the-box Odoo features do not align with your business processes.

Additional features would bring about optimal usage of the ERP.

Newer business processes call for new functionalities that need customization.

Odoo customization improves user interface and hence user experience.

Adding newer applications require customization.

Changing the look of the ERP to match your brand requires customization.

Making the ERP mobile friendly requires customization.

How Pragmatic Handles your Odoo Customization Project?

Requirement Analysis

We undergo this step to understand what the client expects from the required customization and eventually strive to ensure that the Odoo customization is done to fulfil the client’s requirements rather than asking the client to adjust his expectations to fit the requirements.

GAP Analysis

We sit with each of our clients and try to understand what their current situation is, what are their expectations and where the gap is. We then describe that gap with the best possible Odoo customization solutions based on our strengths and resources.

Prioritise Business Needs

Clients are many a time not aware of the points that can be ignored and the points that are critical. Hence, we discuss and create a prioritisation list based on the critical points for delivery for your Odoo Customization project.

Identify Existing Apps

Identify if the customization can be handled fully or partially through existing Odoo apps from the app store.

Process Mapping

For faster delivery of processes and to identify bottlenecks, repetitions and delays, we undertake process mapping. This helps us define process boundaries, process ownership, process responsibilities and metrics.

SCRUM methodology for Customization

We 100% believe in following a project management methodology for all our Odoo customization projects. Daily and weekly planning of tasks, progress control and re-evaluation is carried out by a Scrummaster regularly.

Testing and Go-live

Testing the Odoo Customization is the final part our experts carry out to ensure that the custom development works as intended and has not broken anything else in the software.Once tested the system will Go-Live!!

Think Odoo? Choose Pragmatic!

We have been in this industry for more than a decade now and have literally served hundreds of customers.

All our business processes are carried out in house, none of it is outsourced to a third-party.

Client security is our top priority. We have state of the art infrastructure to protect all your intellectual property.

We provide high quality custom code with no odoo core module hacking and we are experts in all versions of Odoo, both enterprise and community editions.

Quick turnaround, global presence, affordable for start-ups to SMBs to large corporations.

Best in class developers, high quality coding techniques, superlative project management.

Experience 3-Step Quick Odoo Implementation with Pragmatic, the Best Odoo Services Company.

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