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Odoo OpenERP Training Management

Augment your staff skills through targeted training

Boosting the skills and knowledge of your employees requires a committed training staff. In order to ease their administrative hassles, we present Pragmatic’s efficacious training management solution designed especially for fulfilling your training objectives. Leave the rest to our tech competencies and do what you do best – train the talent!

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Let Odoo OpenERP Instill the Fire in Young Minds

Creative training management for holistic outcomes

The Web based Training Management has a rich set of features designed exclusively to meet your training needs satisfactorily. Training Institutes, Education Institutes, and Corporates can benefit substantially with effective and efficient management of the Training or Education Services. Highly personalized TMS (Training Management System) modules lets you extract maximum from your training objectives and easily meet the requisite goals of the program.

Check Out the Success Drivers that Form Features of the TMS

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 A . Overall program management

    Creation of Training Course information including information like

  Course Description

  Trainers / Lecturers details

  Mode of Training (Classroom, Online, etc...)

   Price / Rate of Course

  Images relevant to Course

    Provision for organising the Seances including information like

 Lecturers / Trainers details.

 Participants details.

 Courses details for which the Seances are organised.

 Registration details.

 Venue & Time details.

    Provision to create Catalogues & Offers for Marketing / Selling the Courses.

 B. Financial and accounting module

   Managing of all the Invoices & Payment details through its close integration with a Finance Module.

   Generation of variety of Reports like Exam Evaluation Report, Courses Reports, Exam Questionnaires Reports, Sittings & Sessions Reports, Participants / Customers Reports.

 C. Course administration

   Facility to create Sessions based on Courses & Sittings.

   Calendar for keeping track of the various Events, Sessions, Sittings & other activities.

   Centralized Repository of all the Documents, Attachments uploaded by the Users are maintained in a Systematic Directory Structure format for easy accessibility & Knowledge Sharing.

   Facility to create & maintain Subscription Requests & its details.

   Facility to create & maintain Participation Requests & its details.

   Provision to maintain complete history of all the Customers, Participants, Trainers, Lecturers.

 D. Exam administration

   Provision of entering the Feedback / Review of the Course received from participants.

  Provision to create Exam Questionnaires specific to the Course.

   Exam Evaluations.

   Awarding of Degrees specific to the Courses undertaken by the Customers / Participants.



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