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Pragmatic Odoo Ebay Connector

Pragmatic Odoo eBay Connector is a full-fledged odoo-ebay connector

This module allows user to integrate eBay market place with Odoo. It allows to import Products, Categories, Images, Prices, Orders etc seamlessly in Odoo.

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Odoo Ebay Connector

This module allows user to integrate eBay market place with Odoo. It allows to import Products, Categories, Images, Prices, Orders etc seamlessly in Odoo.

Features of Odoo Ebay Connecor

   Import eBay countries and currencies

    Import eBay policies

   Import eBay attributes or values

   Import eBay Item conditions

   Import eBay Item categories

   Import eBay active Item listings

   Import eBay sale order placed against active Item listings

   Export Odoo products (Variant / Non variant)

   Export shipping details with package tracking no.

   Set auto invocing workflow for eBay orders

   Update product details to eBay

   Close eBay product listing

   Relist product to eBay

How to Setup & Configure your eBay Instance ?

Once the module is installed, user need to configure the eBay instance with Odoo. User can select Predefined eBay Currency and the country where the products are stored. Similarly there is an option to select eBay sites as well.

eBay Instance Access Credentials

User need to provide ebay developer Key, Token No. in order to access eBay instance. This is mandatory to access eBay account

Operations in eBay

Following operations can be performed using eBay Connector All the following operations can be performed trough following path Sales >> Configuration >> Settings

1) Import eBay countries and currencies

This allows user to import all the countries and currencies in which eBay works

2) Import eBay Policies

This options allows user to sync eBay shipping policies at selected eBay country

3) Import eBay Item categories

This option allows user to import all the available products categories in eBay to Odoo. This keeps a separate records in Odoo and will be available in product master.

4) Import eBay active Item listings

This option allows user to import all active product listings in Odoo. Imported products shall be available in Product Master.

5) Import Ebay Sale Order Placed Against Active Item Listings

eBay orders placed against active item listing allows user to import them in Odoo. All sales orders got imported from eBay shall carry a prefix “ebay” in sales order number

Set Auto Invoicing Workflow For Ebay Orders

To set auto invoicing workflow for eBay orders goto “Sales >> Sales >> Sales Orders” and then click on 'eBay Details' tab and open eBay payment method form view in edit mode and set the workflow and save. So on next orders onward invoicing process will work according to this setting done against this journal. The below screen shot depict this operation.

Product Listing On eBay

There are 3 operations can be performed on Product as follows :

1) Export Odoo products to eBay

To export products (First time) to eBay goto “Sales >> Sales >> Products” and then edit ebay details tab and click on 'List Item On eBay' button. The below screenshot depict this operation.
To export product to eBay, user need to fill all the information available in “eBay Sales” tab of product master. Similarly a boolean “use eBay” need to be set true

2) Updating Odoo products information to eBay

In case any information is updated in Odoo and user wish to update this in eBay then user can click on “Revise Item On eBay” button available on product form

3) Close eBay Product Listings

If user wish to close a listing of a particular product on eBay then user need to click on “End eBay Item Listing”. Items will get deactivated in eBay when click on this button. In Proudct Master as well “Product eBay Status” changes to “Inactive”.